Friday, November 02, 2007

The Three Fat Ladies

A beautiful day here today, sun is shining and the sky is blue. Tempted to cut the lawn but its still wet at the moment. Will maybe do it this afternoon. Been busy on t'interweb buying pressies for C********. Have got loads today! 80)

I have decided to get the sewing machine out and finally make the table cloth and bags that have been on the back boiler for a few weeks. Shame as its such a nice day outside.

Finished the table cloth, only took 5 minutes!! Really pleased with myself now. Off to start on the little bags........

The sewing machine is jammed! I have taken it apart, not a good idea, and now can't put it back together again!! Oh how i hate machines!!!!

In other news.......Grow your own and Practical Poultry mags were out today. Going to chill out later, in front t'fire and read them cover to cover.

Just been out to say goodnight to the girls and tuck them in. With the shorter days they are going to bed earlier each night. Shame, as i miss them chatting in the garden. I opened the eggport door and they were all huddled up together, fluffed up to keep the cold out. Bless them. Got a look from Laverne, who always sleeps by the door, as if to say 'do you live in a barn'?
I closed the door and heard them murmuring in the eglu. They are so funny, love them to bits.
Topped up their pellets so they can feast in the morning.

Here is a picture i took of them earlier

The rehearsals for syncronized chicken dancing are going well, but Shirley must learn to keep her tail up!

Off to find a sewing machine repair shop now............


C x x

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  1. Love the hen dance.

    Errm what do they say? A bad workman and all that!

    My sewing machine comes out of storage very rarely - by which time I usually have to read the destructions on how to thread it again.

    Bobbins - don't you dare mention those!


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