Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The kindness of Strangers

Afternoon everyone.

I'll start with the news that has changed my life.  A few weeks ago my Mum started getting really tired. it got to the point where she was so exhausted that she had to go into hospital.  Numerous tests were carried out, as her liver stopped working and her kidneys were failing.  She became jaundiced as her liver was not processing any toxins and she started to get weaker and weaker.  The Doctors were stumped, but did so many tests, scans etc and they all came back negative.

On Saturday the 10th of August they did a liver biopsy to see what might be wrong.  My Mum died in Intensive care on Sunday 11th August with us all around her.  We received the results of the biopsy 3 days later, confirming that her breast cancer (that she had received the 5 year all ok for, 4 months earlier) had spread to her liver.  There were no cancer markers in her blood and nothing came back showing that this dreadful disease was back.  But she knew it was, as did we.

My Mum was so brave, and as I sit here typing this, tears are running down my cheeks, I realise just how much she cared for us all.  She knew that things weren't right, weeks before the blood tests started and she was taken into hospital.  Like all Mums they protect their family.  A rock, always there for support.  Not wanting to worry her children.

The Sunday that we spent in ICU - in the special relatives room, was so hard.  I kept having to go outside to the car park to get a mobile reception to keep my Uncle and her best friend updated. When I came back, I had a chat with the Doctor and he told me that Mum was fading fast and it wouldn't be long until she left us.

The funeral was on Thursday the 22nd August and I even managed to read a eulogy that I had written.  My voice cracked on the last word, but I think she would have been proud of me.

Everyone has been wonderful since the funeral.  The staff where we held the 'wake' (hate that word), were lovely, setting everything up for us.  Waitrose (obviously) delivered the sandwiches and I made a few little posies for the tables to cheer things up a bit.

We set up a just giving page for Cancer Research UK, as we feel that the research done gave Mum an extra 5 years with us. :0)

Mum's just giving page

I will miss her so much, but at least I was able to tell her I loved her and we were all there with her when she died.

I will be back with happier tales soon.  I promise.  However at the moment I need a bit of time to come to terms with things, look after my Dad, Brother and Milo the Wonder Dog of course!  Here is a picture of him, snoozing on the new bench in my court yard.

C x x x