Monday, November 05, 2012

How to look good naked.....or not.

Evening Folks!  It's blog time again!  Part time week is nearly over, so a bit of time before work to get a few random thoughts down.

Oh. My. God.  It is November and I haven't blogged since October the 06th, as many a jab in the ribs email has mentioned!  Sorry, peeps, Christian is busy with Christmas preps and feeling all festive like the mad man you know I am! I'd like to say that I haven't played any Christmas music at all.

That would be a lie.  Bing, Dean and Nat has been crooning, along with Mr Buble, Annie Lennox and a few other choice singers.  It is so darn festive at Bramble Cottage I could burst! 

I am absolutely knackered!  My niece and nephew visited today and wore me out!  A long walk with Milo, pizza, Maltesers and then home and I am shattered!  I did bake them some cheesy feet (puff pastry with cheese in/on then cut out with a foot cookie cutter) this morning, so started early! 

Milo has been to the Hairdressers this week.  I left him and a pig's ear (on the condition that he was nice to everyone) and headed for the supermarket.  On my return, there was no ambulance outside, no groomers covered in plasters and hands wrapped in absorbent gauze.  He was a star apparently.  Now, I know he is lovely, he will cuddle up to me, let me check his paws when something is bothering him and happily nudges my armpit first thing, in an attempt to rouse me from slumber (a seriously brave dog), but sometimes with strangers he can be a bit funny. A pregnant friend who's Pretty Polly tight modelling days are over, will confirm this.  Having said that, in the past few weeks he has transformed in a very sweet boy.  I think he feels at home now and knows I am not going anywhere! 

He has been thinned out and lost loads of his winter coat (it is still mega thick though, if only mine was) and they even did a some 'manscaping' around his bits.  Brave girls.  

Look at that smile!! 

I forgot to show you close ups of my brooches and key rings.  I managed to get hold of some small boxes, which I think set them off perfectly! 

 Last week I had a call, enquiring about making mini stockings for a B&B in Brighton!  They wanted small red felt stockings to leave for their guests in the run up to Christmas!  I posted a picture on my last blog update of the padded stockings, these will be similar but with the tops open to fill with goodies!  They also wanted some fabric robins that I haven't made for a couple of years, so they are being made too!

I am really busy with Christmas orders now and wish I had another few days off to get into it.  I still have my part time week off at the end of November, but need to start preparing for the Christmas fair and sort out dog care for Milo that weekend.  Mum & Dad are away, so need to find a willing volunteer to dog sit for a few hours over the weekend.  Lots of dog kisses guaranteed. He will even give you his paw.

I rarely watch telly, as you know, but Wartime Farm had me captivated.  I love that going-back-to-olden-days kind of tv!
They were making a quilt in one of the episodes, so you guessed it, I had to make one!  Having searched the house for some fabric, which took 3 seconds as it is everywhere at Bramble Cottage, it was a case of simple pockets filled with wadding and sewn together.  Quite quick to make and I really enjoyed doing it. I have been advised to take it to the Christmas fair and try and sell it.  Thoughts?

Nearly finished......

Not sure what I have done to my back again, but it's playing up today.  Milo are I usually have at least a 5-6 mile walk a day, but with the children today, we only managed a 4 miler!  Think Mum and Dad were relieved too! They will sleep well tonight (so will the children)! I haven't taken pain killers for my back for a few weeks, but something is up.  Kind of cramping, old man syndrome.  Refuse to believe it is OAP pains.  

Whilst out walking today, my niece (6) declared, "I love a good walk".  Bless her and according to my nephew, in his words, I look like 'Gok Wanger'. I kid you not.  Wanger. It's the glasses apparently.  Slightly concerned that he thinks I am half Chinese.  Will be wearing contact lenses from now on and never making cheesy feet for him again. 

The free loaders in the garden are eating well.  Pellets, spinach and chard aplenty.  And not laying.  I had to buy eggs this week damn them! Ok, so two of them are moulting, but the others have just shut down for winter.  Which, ironically, has now hit.  Snow covered the county next to mine this week.  Freak snow that didn't see it's way here (sad face).  

Milo's 'silent' whistle training is continuing.  He is still ignoring it and I was tempted to take him to the vet for a hearing test.  However, if I unwrap a packet of Pilgrim's Choice, he can hear me in the next county and comes running into the kitchen.  Perhaps a walk with Cathedral City next week will be in order?  I have never met a dog so obsessed with cheese. 

 'Any type of Cheddar will do....'

Until next time.....

C x x x