Thursday, July 04, 2013

The menagerie is growing....

Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  It is nearly 2 months since my last blog post.  

I couldn't stand the emails and comments you guys were leaving!  I'M BACK, ok? ;0) 

Been a busy time here (again) 2 months, I have lost 1.5 stone, given up smoking and cured my hay fever.  Ok, so only one of those is true.  

I bought local honey in the garden centre and am taking a teaspoon a day.  Every morning I retch at the thought and swallow a small amount in a vain attempt to get the pollen in my system.  3 days on and it is definitely doing something (apart from causing diabetes).  It could just be that it has been cooler and windier, but I am sticking with it for now.  

On to the new arrivals at Bramble Cottage!  Meet Myrtle (light Sussex) and Oona (Calder Ranger).  I kept them separate from Agnes, Cornelia and Pru for a couple of weeks, but they are all together now with minimal squabbles.  Saying that, Chief Bully Cornelia is currently broody and in a foul mood, so will have a go when ever she decides to lift her behind off the nest.  

The Wonder dog has been completely obsessed with the new hens.  Howling and whining to see them.  Am guessing it is the new smell and bite sized portions, as they are a fair bit smaller than my other 3.  Here he is, 'just watching'.....

After 14 months of near perfect behaviour - apart from selective deafness - Little Furface decided to nip my old neighbour who was putting up the fence!  Admittedly, he was on a sensory overload week, what with new hens, hammering, sawing and general noise, but I wasn't happy about it.  He and I go to a school on a Monday night, not Higher Maths, for problem dogs.  3 weeks so far and things are going well.  His recall is better and when I see the other dogs biting their owners, howling at people and generally acting appallingly, I really haven't got much to worry about. 

......relaxing in my Niece's chair....hard life isn't it Milo?

Work is now finished on my new fence in the courtyard garden that I'm not sure I have mentioned before?  It is a small area off the lounge that was a bit of a mess. Mainly due to my neighbours complete lack of cleanliness.  They kept their 2 dogs next to the area and it was covered in god only knows what and overgrown with weeds.  The dogs have now been rehomed and a 5' fence and trellis put up, so I can use the area.  It's a real sun trap, the only down side is that next door's kitchen window faces onto the area, but I can tuck myself away in the corner and not be seen!    

You like my attempt at a Country Living magazine picture? 

 A neighbour that I have started dog walking with, was having a bake sale at work to raise money for Charity.  Out came the scales and cooling racks and i whipped up a batch of hobnobs.  It has been a while since I made them, but they went down a treat.  The neighbour said that one woman asked for another batch when I get a chance *watchoutMcvities

 ..And on to the conservatory (why are they now called Orangeries)?? Never, I repeat never, paint a white wall red.  It will need 37 coats until you cover every last square centimetre of white!!  However, it is now done and i love it.  Heritage Red from Farrow & Ball and it looks lovely and warm.  Remind me of that fact when I am freezing my bits off in January....

The table was from Snooper's Bazaar down the road.  They changed the top to sanded scaffolding boards and put drawers in for me!  It is lovely and a perfect fit.  I have even made a space for MWD underneath as he likes to rest his chin on my foot.

Now I believe I have mentioned my (undiagnosed) OCD before?  I don't think I am at all like that, but the following pictures won't help my cause.  Bento boxes are a Japanese idea.  You cram the shallow boxes full of food, so nothing moves and I love them! I ordered a box from ebay and - can't believe I am writing this - actually looking forward to going to work, so I can make a packed lunch!  *ShockingIknow

 The little compartments are silicone cup cake moulds.  Twee but adorable.

 So, the jury is out.  OCD nut job or a healthy lunch?  Answers on a postcard please.

 I really need to go to bed.  Back to work tomorrow and need to be up at 6am (it's now 23.39)!! But one last picture before I go.  Great idea and will be on the lookout for funnels now!

Night night All!

C x x x