Monday, November 05, 2007

Healing Vibes Please

Been a busy bee for the past couple of days, just pottering round doing stuff.

Jase was up early this morning and let the girls out. He said Babs wasn't looking too good. I tiptoed across the frosty veg garden to take a peek and couldn't find her. She was sat in the dust bath (with lid) and didn't really move. She is like a fluffy football with legs. Her head and neck and withdrawn into her body. Not a good sign. I have made an appointment for her at 11.15 this morning. If its the same problem that she has been treated for three times this year, then we can't keep putting her through it. Sad this morning.
Can't really concentrate on anything, hence my typing and the constant delete button!

I planned to get some bark today and cover the new garden borders as the weeds are already growing back like mad. The lawn has been scarified and looks awful, but will hopefully look better come Spring.

I'm still off until the 11th, so have some time to get stuff done. The Christmas shopping is coming along nicely and i'm waiting eagerly for the Postman every day. I love getting post, especially when its parcels!!

Going to pop outside now and see Babs. Positive vibes please.

C x x x

Been out to see her and she is sat lifeless in the run, so I picked her up and brought her inside. She is sitting in her box, with a towel over the top and is quiet. The heating is on, so she is nice and warm. Off to the vets in 30 mins. Fingers crossed.

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