Friday, March 28, 2008

5 eggs in a basket

Had weird ears for a few days now (the ears themselves are the same as always *wink*), think I have an infection coming. I keep getting dizzy and No, I haven't been drinking. The room starts to spin and I have to hold on to something pretty quickly. Will see how it goes over the weekend.  Back to work on Monday for a 3 day trip.  The fiasco, aka Terminal 5, should be a laugh and I am not convinced I will be going anywhere, judging by the cancellations at the mo.  

Had friends over to stay last night and tried a new indian restaurant not far from us. Very good food and a lovely evening. Julia discovered my stash of homemade raspberry vodka and was regretting it this morning.

I am now officially calling our Village 'Tornado Valley'. It is so windy here again today. The girls are being blown around the run, ducking for cover during every gust. It can't be too bad for them as we have had 5 eggs today.

So pleased I cleaned out the runs yesterday, when it was dry. 5 compost bags full of the finest chicken muck you could want. Even though I don't want it. We have 3 compost bins full of the stuff. Took me 2 hours to move the eglus and scrape up the 'fertiliser' into bags, then disinfect the area and put it all back again. Its only done every 6 weeks or so, not too bad a job.

Jase is in Camberley having new contact lenses fitted, he has to walk around the town for 30 mins to get used to them. If you see a tall Scottish bloke walking into Dorothy Perkins, looking for wide screen tvs, you'll know its him! *hee hee*

Was going to make carrot and banana cake for tomorrow's hen course but running low on eggs, so it'll be scones and homemade hobnobs instead. I like to keep a selection of eggs to show the hen course 'attendees'.

I made Nigella's pistachio chocolate fudge the other day. Truly, the work of the devil, with the added bonus of being freezable. It comes out of the freezer soft, so can be eaten straight away. No hanging around waiting to defrost. Not that I would wait anyway. It will be made again for Christmas pressies I think.

Fire is stacked and loaded with coal. Have a feeling its going to be cold tonight. Yep, just checked and -1!!!

Off to catch up with Country Living mag and their 'chickens special' pull out. The world has gone chicken mad, can only be a good thing.


C x

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is there chicken poo on my jumper??

Yesterdays course went well, but it was sooo cold. The snow/sleet started as we were going outside. After Winifred 'the demo' chicken had been passed around and the eglu dismantled and explained, we headed back indoors.

I popped into town after they had all left, forgetting it was Saturday. On Easter weekend. Can you imagine??? I shy away from weekend shopping at the best of times, but bank holiday weekends are an absolute nightmare. Every great unwashed person had left the comfort of their sofas and crap tv and headed into town. Children with painted faces greeted me as I walked into Waitrose. The cubs were helping at the tills. Bob-a-job week! Oh no!

The 'cubs', who were girls (?) helped me pack my bags and for once didn't put the tinned goods on top of the soft stuff! Emily, 'my personal helper' received a £2 coin, as that was all I had in my wallet. She was dead chuffed and called out to her friend Katy at the till next door!
"Pssst, Katy!! 2 quid!!!! Yeeessss"! Bless her

Had a lazy night watching TV and fell asleep on the sofa in front t'fire. Fire guard was up luckily. Its becoming a bit of a habit when Jase is away. So comfy and lovely watching the embers glowing.

Woke up at 6am with an awful pain in my back that clicked back into place when I stood up. Left a very fetching 'arse and thigh' groove in the sofa! Got ready early as had another hen course today.
A few pictures -

Me trying very hard to jump out of the way of the camera! *wink*

Dan holding Winifred with Gary

He was the only one who didn't get covered in 'essence of chicken', as she had wiped her feet clean on mine and Ros' tops.

Ros feeding the girls mixed corn -

(Stop admiring my muscular thighs)!! *wink*

Introducing the Debbie Mcgee of the chicken world!
(Notice the standard 'chicken poo down the front of fleece')

Lovely bunch of people! Had scones, cake and tea then the Q & A session!

Still cold here now, but it has stopped snowing and the sun is out. Mum and Dad are on their way over, so best get ready.


C x

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A hen course in a blizzard?

Up at 6.15 as Jason was going to work for a couple of days.

I have a hen course at 10am this morning and need to get a few bits done before everyone arrives. It's 1.5 degrees and snowing outside. Perfect weather to stand around talking chickens. Not. Will rig up the patio umbrella and hand out all weather gear as they arrive. The wind is coming from the Arctic, so that should stop them all from falling asleep!

Scones, biscuits and banana cake are made. Eglus relatively clean, so not too much to do outside. Still need to brave the weather and hang up signs outside. I get at least one call every time saying they are lost!

Think i will build the fire just in case we are all frozen when we come back inside.

More later if my fingers aren't numb.

C x

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thunder storms and flash floods!

Here I am, back at work. One flight out to Barcelona.
Been shopping for a few bits and pieces from my favourite stationary shop. I refuse to pay £15 connection for the internet in the hotel, so will write this now and ‘publish’ it when I get home on Monday. Hate not having access to the internet, just shows how much I rely on it. What did I do before I had it? Spoke to people and wrote letters I suppose.

Have my book and a couple of cans of diet coke. Will have to settle for this month’s Grow Your Own magazine, a cheese sandwich and a bag of quavers. I know how to live.

Jase is back to work on Monday for 2 days then off again. Ease him in gradually. I have just started a 6 day block. Yuck. For some reason, they have cancelled my Terminal 5 tour at work on Tuesday. Would have been nice to see the terminal now it is nearly finished. Never mind, I will see it when we start checking in there in May.

From what I have heard it is too small. The crew report centre that is. The terminal is huge. Passengers should be advised to bring a small scooter with them. Or a pair of roller boots.

I picked up a copy of the crew magazine today as it included the new announcement booklet for Terminal 5.

‘Welcome to Terminal 5, the new home of British Airways’ as if I am ever going to say that. Its cheeserama. Whoever thinks of these things? I bet some manager received a huge bonus for that little gem.

The hotel room is hermetically sealed. Reflective glass windows that I can’t open. After spending time on a plane, i long for some air and its just not possible. Can’t abide the air conditioning. At least spring has appeared here, its quite warm outside. Not that the Spanish think its warm judging by the thick winter coats they are all wearing!!

Off to enjiy my sandwich and book now, will update you all from Milan if I get a chance.

C x x

In Milan now and finally connected to the internet!!! Had to pay, but couldn't take it any longer. I got to my room and the heavens opened. Thunder and lightning, very very frightening! The rain drops are massive and bouncing off my window sill. Glad I didn't go out for dinner now.

In a weird mood, bit grumpy. Want to get home asap. 3 flights until i'm there. Only day 3 of 6 tomorrow. Ho hum. Half way there I suppose.

Night all!

C x x (again)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy week

Jase had his gall bladder surgery, his Mum came down from Scotland and I was working in between.
Jase is doing well, sore, but ok.  He has 4 small cuts in his stomach with a few stitches but they are healing nicely.  He is only taking pain killers at night, so he sleeps through.  The surgeon said it was a 'nasty gall bladder'.  That is the experienced medical term for a bag full of stones!
When we visited him in his room after the op, he was awake and groggy but fine.  He started doing James Bond impressions, so the pain killers were clearly doing their job, hee hee.

He has been signed off work for 2 weeks and will see how he feels after that.  

It was lovely to have his Mum down for the week.  She pottered around and did some cleaning. We went out a couple of times, just the two of us, did some shopping etc  

I got back from a 2 day trip this morning and am off now for 3 days.  My flight was delayed a couple of hours last night and we swayed down the runway like an albatross attempting to lift off!  Luckily it was a big plane.  I wouldn't have fancied sitting at the back of the smaller things I normally fly on.  
Slept for 5 hours when I got home, so must have needed it.  The wind is horrendous.  The rain is worse.  We have been lucky to escape any damage so far.  

No power cuts as yet *touch wood*, but the gas camping stove is on stand by for emergency cups of tea.  The fire basket is stacked ready for the power outage.

Jase has finally relented.  We had beef olives for dinner with roast potatoes cooked in GOOSE FAT!  They tasted so good!  I haven't had any since Christmas day.  Had a slice of white bread afterwards to mop up the gravy. Delish.

3 eggs today and looks of disgust as the weather has been so pants!  The girls really aren't enjoying the wind and rain and spend most of their time huddled together in the run.  
Laverne has finally started squatting again after not doing so for months and Shirley has become more interested in being stroked.  Maybe they will become 'demo' chickens too?? They are clearly jealous of Winifred always being picked up and passed around!

I have 3 course dates on the Omlet forum still available which are filling up slowly.  3 or 4 courses fully booked, so that'll keep me busy for now.

Jamie Oliver's hot cross buns and marmalade with custard in the oven as I type (hope he doesn't mind) and a roaring fire.  

Nice to be home again.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pinch, punch, first day of the month!

Evening all!

After a gusty night with little sleep and the occasional power cut, I woke up early and started to prepare for the day.  Hen course at 10am and a few bits to do.  Signs went up down the lane, thank goodness for my trusty staple gun! 

Let the girls out at 6.45 and was greeted with 2 eggs!  Winifred was the first out, as always, and squatted for me to pick her up.  Well she squatted for something else, but we won't go there! I gave her a cuddle and watched the sun rise over the long field.  Lovely day.  

We suffered very minor damage with the gales last night.  Only losing a potted conifer pot on the drive, that I was never very keen on anyway. 

Pam and her daughter from the Omlet forum, arrived at 9.45.  We chatted briefly before the others arrived at 10.  Nice bunch and they seemed to enjoy it.

Pam brought me a goody bag containing chicken poop lip balm, a jar of home made apple and pear chutney and some pistachio dark chocolate fudge.  Absolutely delicious!  That is a definite addition to my repertoire.  She also emailed links to a few gorgeous websites, naughty lady.  One that sell lovely little paper bags.   Thinking Christmas pressies already, sorry!

Jase is mega delayed from Prague and won't be home until at least 11pm tonight.  I have managed to swap my 8.10am stand by tomorrow for 5.05am Paris and back......regretting that now!  So tired and have to be up at 2.45am!  At least I will be back in time to pick his Mum up from Southampton airport.  

House is blitzed and looking good.  Fire is stacked and ready to light, beds made, bathrooms cleaned and the eternal cob webs removed.  We have millions of the bloody things.  I spend ages getting rid of them, normally as I walk through them *rolls eyes*

Jase's operation is on Monday and I am starting to worry now.  What am I talking about, I am always worried.   Surgery in the afternoon and should be out by Tuesday morning.  What happened to 3-4 days in to recover???  Even with Bupa, they want you in and out as quickly as possible.  

I went to a private hospital a few years ago to have my wisdom teeth out.  Only in for a day, even after a general anesthetic.  Shame, as the menu looked lovely!  Wouldn't have been able to eat anything anyway as it hurt to swallow.  Hamster cheeks aren't a look.  

Luckily I have a few very quick day trips this week, so will be home to 'tend' to the boy.  Must get him a little bell to ring!  As if.  

I'm rambling now as the sleep deprivation has finally kicked in.  

Cup of tea and a quick ciggie and i'm off to bed.   Don't preach.  I know, I know!

C x x x