Thursday, August 09, 2012

A special request...

Evening All!

I have my comfy, pre-bed attire on, Milo is chewing on a dried pigs ears (vomit), so it's blog time!

Firstly an update on the garden.  Simon my cucumber plant is going great guns!

He has even had his first babies!

Miniature cucumbers, that are the same thickness as regular ones, but only 4 inches long.  Perfect for a couple of sandwiches!

I'm getting a few peas, but they haven't done well this year.  I planted another row last week and they are starting to come up now.

The spinach and chard bed is overflowing!  I am picking a fair few leaves every day and the hens are loving it! The alpine strawberry plants were producing loads of fruits, but it kept vanishing.  I have since found out a furry faced terrier is partial to alpine strawberries and ever-so-gently eats them as soon as they are ripe.....

The girls are doing well, apart from Cornelia who is into 'extreme moult' mode. Getting her feathers ready for the winter collection is all well and good, but she does look scruffy.

Not to mention the state of the chicken run!  I am picking up handfuls of feathers every day! Egg production has dropped.  1 egg a day from 4 hens if I'm lucky.  Time to get a couple of new girls maybe?  I put two boxes of eggs outside my front door and they were sold in 30 minutes.

I finally managed to print my logo onto fabric, so now have labels for my sewn goods!  Just trying to work out the best way to print them on to the sheets of printer fabric as it isn't cheap stuff.

Mum and Dad are on holiday at the moment, so I have 12 days off work to look after Milo.  He is just such fun to have around.  Stanley the Rayburn was booked in for a service on Tuesday and I was dreading the engineer coming over, due to Milo's slight, erm, stranger issues.  Imagine my horror when he turned up with an apprentice!  Training lead on (Milo, not the apprentice) and Milo was absolutely fine.  He had a sniff and then wandered off.  I offered them both coffee and when I turned away to make it, Milo decided to lie on his back and let the apprentice tickle his tummy!  It would seem the dangerous attack dog is no more.  

Talking of dogs, there appears to have been a scottie dog explosion in my craft room! 

 As Caroline asked for a key ring a few weeks ago, here is one I made earlier!
I have made lots of different colours so far and am waiting for the Tiny Box Company to send me samples of small boxes for me to package them in.  Exciting stuff!  You see Caroline, ask and I will do my best!

I seem to be spending so much money at the moment. Stanley's service, an oil delivery planned for next week, logs being delivered and finally getting my new wooden double glazed bedroom window soon.  It never ends, but at least I will be warm this winter!  The Michaelmas fair is giving me stress and I don't know what to make for it.  

So far I have made - 

10 jars of Persian pickled garlic
14 jars of Fig & Whiskey jam
6 jars of Damson & lemon jam (delish, will def make more) 
Lots of scottie dog brooches and keyrings
1 Shopping bag.....
and very little else!  

I have cut out several mini hot water bottle covers but they are more for the Christmas fair in December.  I am stumped, just don't know what to make that will sell.  Any ideas folks?  What have you seen on my blog that you really liked?  I know the long hearts were popular, so will make more of those, but apart from that I just don't know.  Still in two minds as to doing the fair..

Seeing as Milo seems to be popular with my beloved readers (who can resist his cute little bear face), I'll leave you with this picture tonight! 

C x x x