Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Shopping!

Up with the lark this morning, (well the alarm clock) and headed straight out to the garden centre 40+ miles away!  Its a long way to go but it's the best garden centre in the world.  I was very restrained and only bought the pressies I needed (and some oreo cookies and a large tug trug for me)!

Then down the motorway to Festival Place in Basingstoke.  How I hate shopping centres.  Frantic people.  Crowds.  Shocking Christmas carols, the same cd in every shop.   We did well and bought nearly everything we needed.   Just my niece, Grace, to buy for.  Birthday and Christmas.
Nearly everyone I know has a birthday in October/November/December and January.  Its an expensive time.

We stopped off in Nando's for lunch and I had the veggie burger option.  Jase had the bean pita.  Delish.  It was nice to go out for lunch as its something we don't often do.  Back home in need of Lemsip and I cleaned the girls out and gave them some corn.   

They seem happy enough and we had 3 eggs today.  Laverne and Winifred are on strike at the moment.  They deserve a break anyway.  I had to shuffle them around tonight as we are both away for a night and they will have to spend the day in their runs.  Moved Prudence back in with Winifred and Elsbeth, she didn't squawk at all this time.  Think she might be the ideal candidate to show people at the hen keeping course.  Will train her with food, it works for me!!

Back to work tomorrow for 5 days, throat is better but the aches and pains are still racking my body.    Will take my hot water bottle and some lemsip, God I know how to live!!
The good news in that I am in Duesseldorf tomorrow (just for a change) and the Christmas market is on!!!  I should land in DUS by 10.30am and will be at the market by 11.30 if things go to plan.  Need to get a few bits, as always, and can't wait for the food!!!  Currywurst and chips, warm sugared almonds and anything else that i can gorge on!!!!!!

Speak soon


  1. What garden centre do you go to?

  2. Its called Long Acres on the A30 near Bagshot, Caro.

    Really good garden centre!!

  3. aahh yes - we go there sometimes for cut flowers and plants - just wondered if I had missed a shopping opportunity locally!


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