Saturday, November 10, 2007

Watch Where you Tread!

Just been pottering around the house and garden recently. Thought we were going to lose the roof with all the rain and wintery gales we have had. I locked the girls in their run early as they we being blown around my the wind.

I spent most of yesterday calling breeders all over the south of England, trying to find 3 breeds of chicken. I have finally found someone near Beaulieu, so am off in a bit to take a look. The new eglu is arriving on Tuesday, so I will pick the new girls up on Friday if poss.

Right, back from the breeder in Beaulieu. Slap bang in the middle of the New Forest! After avoiding several donkeys, a couple of horses, pheasants and a rather large bull, I finally arrived at the farm.
The place is fantastic and a chickens lovers paradise! Chooks running around everywhere! Ducks too. He showed me the chickens i was after and their housing etc etc. The place is very clean and tidy except for the chicken poo liberally scattered all over the place.

I have picked a Light Sussex, a Silver Sussex and i think i will go for a French Maran. They lay dark chocolate brown eggs with a glossy finish. I am picking them up on Friday next week and am so excited.

I left the farm with a bag of grit and a tray of eggs. All different colours and a couple of duck eggs which i had for breakfast this morning!

I have to get my backside in gear now. Leaving for work at 3.45 this afternoon and want to get the chicken area ready for the new eglu's arrival. Need to scrape the bark up and move the old eglu round to fit the new one in. My back is killing me today, must've slept funny. Nurofen is definatley needed today! Haven't had any problens with my back for a while so thats good news.

Eglu is now moved, new aubiose in the run and looking good. Have raked the bark and aubiose into a corner ready for the new eglu. It has just started raining so good excuse to come in and have a cuppa. Laverne and Shirley had fun digging up the ground, revealing worms, baby slugs and woodlice! Back is agony. MUST see the physio again soon.

C x

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