Friday, March 30, 2007

No more free lunches!

As you can see, I've 'chicken proofed' another raised beds from the marauding hens! This is one of the original beds that is staying.
They still managed to get their beaks through the mess and grab a free lunch though!

Had another physio appointment yesterday and she worked on my lower back and neck! Once again weird positions, lying on my side pillow between my legs, trying to hold my stomach in!!!!! why are they always so thin?????? Its a conspiracy! *mental note - must get bike out of shed* Got another session in a couple of weeks! (2 stone weight loss before then).

Finally got the curtains lined!!! Only been sitting there since August! I was sat at the sewing machine for a couple of hours, pinning, hemming and stitching! Felt like an Indian sweatshop! But they look fab and it stops the sun waking me up at 6am like a floodlight!

Back to work no Sunday for 4 days - booooo - but then have a few more days off. Hopefully the weather won't be as pants as it has been today. In a mad fit of green fingeredness (?) i've planted peas, french marigolds, chard, spinach, beans and pumpkins in home made paper pots. The dining table is covered! Must get a green house - project for next year me thinks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Weathers good!

I finally managed to get some hazel rods from our local log man, have been trying to get some for months as they look nicer than bamboo canes. We drove over to the saw mill yesterday and picked up 20 and several bags of wood chippings for the chicken run. He didn't want any cash for the wood so I gave him some fresh eggs from the hens as a thank you.
With OH's land rover stacked up (not having that mess in my Mini!) and hazel rods sticking out the back window, we headed home!
After a real struggle getting them in the ground, I finally have a frame for beans and sweet peas. It might be an effort picking them though, the rods are 8 foot tall! I put chicken wire all the way round and planted sweet peas from the garden centre. Within 2 mins Shirley had ripped 2 plants out and was happily munching. Bless.

With reinforced protection, they are now safe from marauding chickens.

With the warmer weather here, i decided to plant my potatoes, They won't come up for a few weeks so they should be ok. Will sprint across the garden with fleece if frost is forecast! (Probably in dressing gown and wellies as is the norm-neighbours are used to me letting the chooks out in the morning dressed inappropriately)

Not sure why, but decided to make Easter fairy cakes at 8.30 this evening. Popped into Tesco to get a few bits (£27 later, nothing new there). Have now made 12 cakes and an orange cheese cake. OH helped, probably just so he could lick the spoon!
Its now ten to one and we have a friend coming over tomorrow, so off to bed now.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here I am again

Its a shame really, but I only seem to get time to write when I have my part time week every month!

Well today i visited a physiotherapist as I hurt my back on a flight at the end of December. After trying and failing to convince myself that she could help without me taking my t-shirt off, I finally relented and stripped down to my trousers.
She looked me up and down and I felt really self conscious, 'well Christmas wasn't that long ago' I mutter under my breath!
She had super human strength and managed to pop several bits of me! After lots of tugging, twisting and cracking (my god, wierd when your bones crack), lying in very questionable positions with pillows between my legs, I walk out of there feeling taller.

Shame I didn't leave 6'4 as then I would be weight in proportion to height. Back is now killing me and I'm sure she has done me serious injury just so I will go back for more. 2nd appointment next week..........

Need to speak to the Gardener/builder about the veggie garden raised beds and path to the chicken area, as am desperate to get the garden looking a bit tidier. Sick to death of dragging mud and chicken poo through the lounge!

Got a sewing machine for Christmas, which is still in its box, so am determined to sew the bedroom curtains and line with black out fabric. Hoping to do it this week but sooo many things need doing! OH's Mum helped with the last set, but doing it alone???? Not sure. I'm a bit spacially challenged, when it comes to measuring.

More soon. Take care!

Friday, March 02, 2007

A week off

Just had 7 days off work, as its my part time week and have done nothing! The rain has been constant, the garden is flooded and am thinking of investing in a boat to feed the hens! They dont seem too bothered by the rain, but a flash hail storm yesterday sent them running to the log store for cover!
Finally have some news about my raised beds and paths for the veggie garden! The gardener/builder will start on the 23rd April, but seeing as we moved in in May last year and it was freezing, I will just have to wait to get planting! The lounge window sills are covered in seed pots and root trainers with seedlings starting off! Will have to work on the OH to get a green house.

Managed to get a pear, apple and cherry tree at a bargain price, just need to decide where to put them!

I'm back to work on Sunday for 6 days :o( Wish I could give up and just make jams/chutneys etc and live off the land! A few more chickens, a couple of pigs and proper productive veggie plot and i'd be happy! Oh well maybe one day!