Monday, November 12, 2007


After 15 days off, it was eventually time to return to work. I was actually quite looking forward to it (i don’t say that often). I threw some sweetcorn in the run to get the girls in and locked them up for the night. It is rare that they spend much time confined to the run, but Shirley has a habit of pacing like a caged lion if i’m stood there watching. From the bedroom window they are perfectly happy! When i cleaned them out, i sprinkled some dry mealworms into the aubiose so i’m sure they will have a good time rooting around.

I gave myself 2 1/4 hours for the hours drive as Sunday night can be a nightmare. In their infinate wisdom the highways agency decided to make barrier repairs on the outside lane. Perfect on a Sunday night, when everyone os returning to London. After 1 3/4 hours!!!!! I finally made it to work. Lovely crew just 5 of us to Berlin for the night.

I made the HUGE mistake of wearing new shoes. My feet were throbbing all the way there. Had a long discussuion with a passenger as to whether or not eggs were vegetarian. I tried to explain that I don’t make the sandwiches, just serve them. He wasn’t having it. Am I wrong? Vegetarians eat eggs/cheese/milk and Vegans don’t eat animals products? He settled for the chicken and bacon sandwich. He was trying to make a point. I do despair sometimes.

I met up with the crew for a quick drink then headed back to my room. After running the bath i sat on the edge soaking my aching feet. *mental note to self never wear new shoes to work*

Have spoken to Omlet and the eglu is definately being delivered tomorrow at 2.30. Jase will be in but i won’t be home until late in the evening. I am so excited!!!!!

It is brass monkeys here in Berlin. Snow is expected! Shame it hasn’t snowed yet. Might venture out to grab a bite to eat. Problem is, i forgot to bring a jacket. Its minus 1 outside and i don’t fancy my chances with just a polo shirt.

Off to Duesseldorf tonight, but only about 12 hours there, then an Amsterdam and back on Tuesday. I have two more days at work then am off for 4 days. Gives me a chance to settle the new hens in.

Time to get showered now and peruse the room service menu.........

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