Monday, June 28, 2010

Ideas please

I went back to work on Friday and wasn't really looking forward to it. It turned out to be a wonderful trip, with great crew that had me laughing constantly for 3 days. We all went out in Vienna and had a lovely meal in the park. Then flew onto Glasgow for the night and went out again. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home at 7pm last night.

Getting back into my uniform was a struggle after 6 weeks off. I don't think I pigged out too much whilst off sick, but the lack of exercise obviously took it's toll. When I say exercise, you know what I mean. It's not that I missed going to the gym, as I don't go anyway, but the lack of dashing around, weeding, hoovering and general things means that I am spreading. Not in a good way. Nearly garroted myself when I put my tie on.

Was up at 5am this morning and am now in Milan, in the scorching heat, with my mosquito spray at the ready! The place is full of them. My solar powdered mozzie repellant gizmo is charging by the window, in case I decide to go out for dinner later.

I was tinkering with ideas for the craft fair and thought about peg bags? Would you buy one? That is the problem I am having at the moment. Deciding what to make, so if you have any ideas, then please leave a comment!

I went into Marlborough last week and popped into Dible and Roy. Couldn't resist this gorgeous dotty fabric! I made 3 bags and want to keep them. Hee hee. Not very manly though!

When I got home last night I went into the garden to see the progress the veggies were making. The runner beans are now in flower, with the borlotti beans slowly catching up. The strawberry bed is doing really well. Jase picked a bowl full and I got a fair few too.

The netting is the only way to stop the blackbird eating them! I have had to cover the patio planter too, as Mrs Blackbird is sneaky and pecks away at any red strawbs she sees.

I made one more batch of elderflower cordial, so now have 12 pretty glass bottles for the stall. Need to think of some way of wrapping them? Might just use a fabric topper and nice label.

Jase has been off work sick this week. After a lovely week 'glamping' in Scotland, he came home with a bag of washing and a stinking cold. He sounded better this morning, but still not right. He is now under strict instructions from me to do nothing, drink lots and not to go back to work until he is better.

I have finally received my PAC from O2, so can now get my new iphone from Vodaphone. Will pop into the shop in the terminal when I get back from Milan tomorrow. Looking forward to entering the 21st century finally!!

Decision made, need to have a quick shower now and will pop out with the crew for a pizza I think. Shorts and tshirt at the ready!

Have a lovely week in the heat. Remember, the hose pipe bans will start soon! *wink*

C x x

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The last square....

It's that time of year again. Elderflower cordial time!

I have bottled this batch and it is tucked away in the outbuilding fridge. Will make another batch later in the week.

The garden is doing well and with a couple of major showers, hasn't needed much watering. The weeds seem to appreciate the water!

I had some some basil seeds so planted them in a tin in the kitchen -

We have loads of pears on the little tree I planted a couple of years ago. Hopefully they will make it and I can bottle some this year.

I have been feeling much better this week. Still not 100% but much chirpier than the past couple of weeks. Am off until the 25th June and then it's back to the grind stone for 6 days. I spent most of this week sewing and sat in the armchair trying to take it easy. Managed to get a few projects done.


Which are a bit riper than our own!

A couple of fabric bags like this -

Paper bookmarks, made using lovely patterned paper for scrap booking. I have made about 20 for the stall in September. (If I can get leave)!!

and yet more egg cosies -

BUT the big news is, I have finally finished my quilt. Thanks to Ricky and Janet at Quilters dream, who showed me how to do the finishing touches!

I am sooo pleased with it. It has taken me ages, but for a first attempt I think it looks great. I'll have to start another one now, as the finished result looks so good. Enough blowing of my own trumpet!

The girls are laying ok. Ish. Cornelia has laid one egg in 10 days. Shame as her eggs as dark brown and huge. She was the only one not camera shy yesterday. The others scarpered under the privet hedge.

I popped into the Weyhill Fairground to speak to them about the Michaelmas fair in September. I have to do both days (which is fine) and I have asked for the same plot as last year, but with an extra table. Kind of a 'L' shape stall if possible. Last year, there just wasn't enough room for everything I had made, so I hope that I can get the extra space this year. Jase is worrying me, telling me to make loads of stuff, but I am concerned it won't sell. I think the crayon rolls will be popular. As will the bags, but unsure of what else to make. I think the wheat bags will go down well again, as they seemed really popular last year.

Made several more Scottie dog brooches and they sold like hot cakes last time round. They are really fiddly to make, but everyone loves them. I have sent my egg cosies to Omlet to put in their on line shop, so we will see if they sell. I need more confidence in what I do.

I have cut of loads to take on holiday with me. Sitting my the pool sewing away to my hearts content. Will take some scottie dogs too.

We are both really looking forward to our hols this year. 10 days in a friend's villa. Confirmed seats both ways, so no worrying about 'will we get on' etc. We both need a break from the stresses of life and this will do it. Less than a month to go! Yayyyyyy.

Right, better dash. A few last this to do before I tidy up the lounge. Fabric scraps get everywhere!
I am visiting my Gran in Kent tomorrow, so have made her a bag and will fill it with 1/2 dozen eggs and some chocolate biscuits I baked today.

Nigella's chocolate biscuits. Naughty but nice! I did save a couple for when Jase gets home tomorrow. Well, there were more than a couple, but quality control meant that there aren't that many left. *blushes*

Nighty night all. Hope you are all ok?

C x x

p.s Ooooh, I forgot to mention the new look (as if you hadn't noticed)! What do you think. I like the fresh look to it. Have changed a couple of fonts after feedback saying it was hard to read, so hopefully that is better now?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Blood bank

Good morning! (just)!

Hello peeps and sorry for not blogging in a while. Still off sick and have just returned from the hospital for blood tests (6 vials in total, convinced they are selling it)!! Doctor thinks I might have had glandular fever as am still so exhausted. Best thing is rest which I am finding very hard to do. Things are getting better and I do have more energy, but am still taking it easy. If I do too much it floors me for a couple of hours and I have to have a nap. Me asleep in the armchair a la 'old man', is a regular sight!

I have been busy (not in a run-around-flat-out kind of way), making a few bits and pieces this week.

I started with a tea cosy and managed to finally work out the best way to applique letters!

I love the daisy fabric which I bought from Quilters Dream along with lots of other designs I have spent far too much money on. One of which was this Japanese woven cotton, which I made into a crayon holder -

and the inside -

Continuing with the daisy theme, I made a small iphone case (I will get mine eventually)!

On the way back from the hospital, I popped in to see Ricky (hello)! and picked up more 'traffic print' to make a few more crayon rolls. Seemed a shame not to, as it was kind of on the way home. Needless to say, I picked up more that I ought to as always. I do have lots of nice fabric to make a few more rolls. All will be sold at the craft fair in September, if I get a wiggle on.

I sold a bag to the lovely Sarah last week. She saw it on here (the grey bag with white leaves hanging on my door). I added a padded gingham heart as I try to do with everything I sell. Nearly ran out of them, so made another 20 or so this week.

I need to finish them off with a loop of embroidery thread, so they can be hung up and then I'm done. That is a job to do when the tv is on and I can sit and sew.

Time is ticking and I wish I was feeling 100%, as I have so much to do. The garden is a jungle, well covered in creeping buttercups at least, and needs a thorough weeding session. The weather was great until yesterday when the heavens opened. At least my water butts are full again. We have 3 and need a couple more. The outbuilding and garage both need guttering and then we can have another 2 butts. 5 should be enough.

The veggie garden is looking quite lush, with raspberry canes coming up like triffids. The onions have gone to seed, so need digging up, but the radishes are being consumed (by me) and have planted more. The greenhouse is nearly empty (not that it is a huge Kew gardens affair) with just a couple of pumpkin plants to go out and the swiss chard to find a home for.

I discovered a chickpea, couscous and green lentil salad recipe and am eating it all the time. Soaking chickpeas overnight and then boiling them is a faff, but the salad is lovely. Add a few cubes of feta, some raw cashew nuts and a creamy dressing and you are practically eating a health food. Nearly. Taking of which, my chickpeas are ready, so time to get lunch organised.

Have a lovely week everyone and will post again soon with more pictures.

C x x

P.s The Girls are all fine. Getting 2-3 eggs a day, but once again Cornelia is only laying when it suits her. When she does grace us with an egg it is a whopper, so mustn't grumble.