Sunday, February 27, 2011

Count to ten....

After a week off, it is nearly time for me to return to work. Couldn't tell you what I have done all week, but managed to fill my days with pottering, cooking, cleaning and general bits and bobs.

A few weeks ago I went to the Opticians, for an eye test and contact lens check up. My contacts are not due to vanity. I prefer my glasses, as they make me feel more comfortable and less exposed to the World. Sorry, that is baring my soul somewhat,isn't it? Should I be lying down on a couch somewhere chatting to a therapist holding a clipboard? Anyway, I digress, so unlike me. I was diagnosed a few years ago, ahem, at 16 with Kerataconus, Which means that I have to wear lenses to protect my corneas. To be honest, I haven't really worn them in over a year and the sight test confirmed it! The vision in my left eye is worse, so back to the lenses! Just a pain with work as it means taking so many little bottles of cleaner and saline etc with me.

Had to go into Town as we had run out of toothpaste, what a bad house Husband I am. Had a bimble around the charity shops, but obviously February is a bad month for people decluttering. I did pick up a small pot of tete a tete daffodils from the market. My favourite little flower.

Jase has been away for what seems like weeks, but in reality only a few days. He came home last night, but left again at the crack of dawn. Actually, it was 4am, so Dawn was nowhere to be seen.

I've been playing around with felt all week. My new wonder material. Bought some from The Felt Fairy - her website, not a real fairy - and have been making badges for children. You know the tacky plastic ones with a number on? I've come up with a neat idea which I love!

Cut out felt numbers -

Using a blanket stitch, my new favourite way of hand sewing, sew the raw edges together and stuff with wadding.

A giant safety pin on the back and ta-daaa, a wonderful birthday badge! Will put a few in my shop later. See how they do.

The bantinies next door are still laying so well, I have so many eggs. Lucky as mine aren't really that bothered! Elsbeth is laying a couple every week, Pru likes to keep her company when she is on the nest and lays the odd egg when she feels like it. All are now crouching when you get close to them, so a good sign. They are stuffing their faces with pellets and I seem to be topping up their feeders every other day. I think it is time to add a couple more hens.........*whistles*

When next door are back, our neighbour Rob is going to refit the utility room. The work tops have been sat in the lounge for weeks, units in the garage along with the new sink. Can't wait. New wall units will mean the end to the current work top being covered in cluttered Le Parfait jars. I have a problem with Le Parfait jars. According to Jase. Wall units will mean more storage for bakeware too! Might need to go to Lakeland.

The next job on the list is to make a curtain to hide the boiler. Already have some sage and cream checked fabric from Laura Ashley that will be perfect for the job. Just hope I am away when the building work starts! Rob very kindly made me 12 wooden hearts that I want to turn into blackboards. The plan was to sell them at the Garden fair in May, but that being cancelled I will take them to the Michaelmas fair in September. Just need a dry day to paint them.

Life in the garden is springing up everywhere. I still haven't tackled most of it. The weather this week hasn't been great and it is fair to say that I am not happy gardening in a waterproof poncho. Back trouble has also meant no digging. Excuses, excuses I know. The broad beans are coming along nicely though.

After plodding on with my old Ibook, it is getting too much. Things keep shutting down, I lost all my pictures for a few hours and couldn't log onto the t'interweb yesterday. Jase fixed it, but the time has come for a new laptop. Jase is getting me one today at the airport and bringing it home tomorrow. I haven't got any money for a new one, but it is never a good time. A couple of months of paying interest on it via the evil credit card is my only option. I never buy things that I can't afford, but needs must. Dreading copying over all my book marked pages - that'll take me a day!

Time to make lasagne and chilli for the freezer. Another banana cake to bake as the 'nanas are past their best.

Bye for now

C x x x

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Up and running.....

...Well not me, obviously! I don't run. Unless a bus is about to hit me. Or there is only one sausage roll left on the plate.


Not the kind of website I would like, but cannot afford to spend hundreds on one like the gorgeous online shops I browse through. All my items for sale will be on the above blog from now on. *smiles* Had my first order within an hour! Thanks Hazel.

In other news, I managed to lose all my pictures from iphoto. One minute they were there, next, iphoto was empty. The language was blue and just glad the chickens were tucked in bed. I have found them, but not in iphoto anymore. No idea what I quickly plugged in the back up hard drive I got for Christmas and downloaded them all to be safe. Wish I had done it sooner. You know when that panic starts to build in your throat?

Just back from a lovely 3 day trip to Madrid and Copenhagen. Fabulous crew and a real pleasure to work with. Lots of fun and a real laugh. Went out in Madrid to TGI Fridays, I know, not really absorbing the local culture, but sometimes it is nice to stagger 3 yards to the nearest place. No one went out in Copenhagen, but I sat at the desk and munched my way through an Itsu veggie salad and a Galaxy smooth bar! Figuring I deserved it after the low cal salad.

Next door's bantams laid very well while I was away and I have collected 6 eggs. Tiny little toy eggs, but they are very welcome here in the barren egg kitchen. 4 more weeks of looking after them, so should have a good stash! Having said that, I was stunned to find that Miss Pru had laid. More torpedo than egg shaped, but will taste great. 3 out of 4 had bright red combs, so fingers crossed they will all start again soon.

Took a couple of pictures before I left for work, just before the laptop crashed! The snowdrops and daffs are coming up really quickly.

...And the vintage coloured felt I ordered arrived. The colours seem very bright in this picture, but they are more muted.

After someone mentioning chocolate fudge brownies on Facebook, I couldn't resist making a batch! Mum & Dad took some home and I planned to take some in to work for my crew. I did take a few in, but scoffed the lot in my room. *Hangs head in shame*

I had run out of walnuts, so used chopped nuts instead and they tasted great.

Feeling tired now after getting up around 4am for the past 2 days. Have a cracking book at the moment - see 'currently reading' on the right........ - think I will light the fire early and snuggle down to a good read.

Bye for now!

C x x x

Friday, February 11, 2011


Just had an email to say the Vintage and Garden fair is cancelled. No reason given! 'We hope to see you at the Michaelmas fair in September.....'.

Grumpy now. Glad I made sausage rolls earlier.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eggs on the way?

I know, I know, I have been really bad at updating my blog, Just don't seem to have any time for anything at the mo. Having a laptop that has decided to shut down at the drop of a hat isn't helping. I need to remember to keep saving as I type, as I have lost this post twice already!!

After a 5 day block at work, my lips are cracked and I have a sore throat. Thank goodness I am off for a couple of days. Shame I have a 7 day block to return to on Sunday. Sigh.

The hens got a rather large handful of corn this evening. I haven't been around much this week and they have been missing their bed time treat. Unsure if it was the sun setting, but their combs were looking a brighter shade of red tonight. I am hoping that means they will all start laying soon.

Sat here munching a small plate of cheese straws that I baked earlier. It was peeing down all day, so felt like doing a spot of baking. Ran out of milk, so headed off to the shops for basic supplies and picked up some lovely sausages from the butchers. Plan to make sausage rolls tomorrow.

On my last day off, I spent the day sewing 48 double sided bunting flags. That's something you don't hear very often! Rather than making 9 and sewing up the bunting, I realised that I need to do things on a larger scale. All country cottage style fabric, they look really good. Now most of the work is done, it won't take long to make up the bunting. I did make one special set though.......Jason's Sister is due to give birth any day now (well, she was due on the 5th), so I made some especially for the Baby's room. She has rubber duck thing going on and I managed to find some cute fabric, along with something babyish.

Not the best picture, but how lovely are the little ducks??

Jase flew up to Scotland tonight as his friend's Mum passed away. He will be back on Sunday, ready for work on Monday morning.

Feeling a bit run down tonight. Lips are cracked and throat sore. Just glad I am off for a couple of days. Lip balm at the ready (it is never too far away from me) and had berocca to wash down the cheese straws. In a moment of weakness in Co op today, I relented and bought a Cadburys creme egg. It has been chilling in the fridge all day. It is calling me now.

Will try and update my blog more often, but as I have a new blog to update, I might not be as good as I usually am. Yes, a new blog! I have been asked if I sell the things i make and having set up a dreadful website, that I now can't seem to update, I have decided to use Blogger to start a selling blog. So much easier as I use it already.

Time for my chocolate egg and then bed.

Night night!

C x x x

**new blog details on the right hand side now, Hazel**