Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A bleary eyed post..

Let me start off by saying sorry.  I was up at 3.30 this morning, so spelling mistakes & poor grammar a-plenty in this post!! 

Been a horrible week, but it is over work wise now.  I have 4 days off and not due back until 6pm on Monday!! 

Let's start with the shopping trip with Jase to Ikea!  My much loved and ancient blue and white checked bedding finally wore out.  I really don't know how long I have had it, but it is my comforting, lovely cosy bedding that is snuggly.  It has been lovingly re-sewn in the past, but it so thin now that I couldn't save it.  It will be used in a sewing project for sure, as it is lovely.  Am thinking patchwork quilt or two?  

I have this new bedding now that will become 'old faithful' one day I'm sure.

Have been on the look out for a bistro style table and chairs for the back garden for a while now.  Couldn't resist this set from Ikea for £35!  Bargain!

It was a friend's birthday and I couldn't post a picture of the pressie I made her, just in case she saw it!  I can now!  2 'pukka' pads and a cover!  She is an obsessive list writer (unlike me - Pinnochio nose growing longer) so thought this would come in handy. 

The weather was lovely last week, so I took to the road and visited Long Acres garden centre in Bagshot!  A mighty drive from here, but they had the pre fab raised beds I wanted!  Having dug out the clematis (and moved the barrel that Milo liked to sit in), here is the new bed in situ.  

...and with Milo proofing........

Plus a second smaller bed near the chicken run - 

The twiggy edging is just there as a temporary measure to prevent Terrier-based-digging-up-of-veggie seedlings when planted.  One more bed to get and then I can get the gravel for the rest of the garden.  A ton of gravel to shift will be fun. 

Got excited with the warm weather and bought some seeds.  The first of many packets no doubt. 

On a roll, so decided to paint the shed as my Brother had removed the old rotten wood and felt and re-roofed it.  Iris blue is very fetching don't ya think?  Just the top to do in white with gloss (I hate gloss paint) and then it'll look really smart. 

Onto Milo the wonder dog.  After 8 weeks of a near perfect dog, he has turned in a terror.  It started by him spraying on my bed (yes, the new bedding)! and then biting a friend who visited.  No rhyme or reason for it, but really wasn't happy him coming into the house.  I wasn't happy about it either. A few days later a pregnant friend came over and Milo bit her!!  She has a massive bruise on her leg, but luckily he didn't break the skin.  A week of antibiotics though just in case.  I was so upset.  I called a few local dog training classes and explained.  None of them do individual training, but all mentioned a lady called Pauline.  I called and she is now booked for the 5th of April.

She gave me lots of tips over the phone, so have started training already.  He is not allowed anywhere near the front door unless I let him.  The kitchen door is always closed so he can't get to the front.  He is also kept out of the lounge when I am not here, so he doesn't get on the sofa to look out of the window (he never gets on the furniture when I am here).  I decide who I allow in the house, not him.  Already, just a few days, he is better with regard to barking at everyone who walks past.  We will get there.........I just had awful visions of having to take him back.  Not that I am giving up easily.  I cannot imagine life without the cute little man!

He is so adorable when he is with me and at Mum's.  Still in shock at the way he went for my friends.  Just wish the dog trainer could fit me in quicker.  She says it can be sorted with lots of work.  Work I am fully prepared to do!  Milo the wonder dog (MWD) will be at Bramble Cottage for a very long time hopefully!

C x x x


  1. big hugs on the Milo front Christian - you are working wonders with the Wonder dog. dont forget he had a bit of a rough start and hasnt yet learnt that you are the pack leader! We have a baby gate to the porch and if we are out they are crated - some might think that's cruel - but they are huge and they have food, water and kongs and it stops them destructing the place (one terrier, one puppy and one adolescent - the house wouldnt stand a chance!)
    Keep you chin up hunny - you are doing great
    (love the shed, the bedding and the bistro set - if I am EVER up your way I will force my company on you xxxx)

  2. Atlast - I enjoy your blogs and there has been a lack recently - I realise its prob due to work. Sure you;ll sort Le Chien Milo out. Ali (aka Alis girls)

  3. Thank you so much for my Birthday pressie! Not long before I will be on Pukka Pad II!! MWD will be fine! List Lady!

  4. I was wondering where you had got to. Your bedding both plants and garden looks wonderful. So sorry your boy is being a proves the honeymoon period is over and he is sure he is going to he thinks is the time to find out who is top dog. It had best be you. I strongly recommend a rattle bottle to identify when he is acting in an unapproved way. They are easy to make by putting half an inch of gravel in a small Evian bottle. A strong shake make a very cross noise!

  5. Hey!!
    Sorry to read this : (
    You will get there.
    Fancy swapping him for a nearly 13yr old girl???? I'm sure she would give you much more grief. Maybe I could do with a trainer for her???
    Good luck x


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