Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Lone Trumpeter

Here I am in Stockholm!  There is snow on the ground and it is so cold here!!!  I am sitting at the desk in my hotel room with a hot water bottle on my lap.  Its freezing!  The hotel is non smoking, so i have to lean out of the window like a school child!!  Can't face going out as the rain is coming down now.
Was in Duesseldorf again on Tuesday and visited the Christmas market!!

I took the girls on the crew with me into Town, but managed to lose them pretty quickly!!!  After a bite to eat, I picked up a few bits and bobs, which I can't talk about until after Christmas and then grabbed a fresh prawn roll and headed off to the supermarket.  6 pots of goose fat, some Christmas bits and several shopping bags later, i got back to the hotel exhausted!!
The goose fat will be posted soon Kate, i promise!! *wink*

When I finally got home yesterday, I quickly let the girls out before it got completely dark!  They only had about 20 minutes until bedtime, but were happy to stretch their wings and have a root around in the bark chippings.   I cleaned them out and topped up their, now empty, feeders.  Also collected 5 eggs!!!!!!

All but Laverne had laid but she is still having some 'me time', so deserves a break.  Her feathers are all back now and she really is looking beautiful.

I can hear a trumpet out of my window, some poor so and so is playing Christmas carols in the high street.  It is so cold and he has been playing for 4 hours now.  Must be frozen.  That would explain the odd duff note.  And the slightly strange tempo.  He has just been joined by an accordionist.  Its really festive!  

I have all my Christmas cards ready to write.  In truth they have been in my crew bag for a couple of weeks!  Its the one job I never seem to get done.  Always a last minute dash to get them written.  I have 2 more days at work, then off for a week.  WILL get them written!!

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  1. Wow - aren't you lucky - really does get you into the Christmas spirit - not that you ever need any help to do that


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