Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not my Egyptian cotton one!

Good evening *waves*

I am stunned that my last blog post was back in May (thanks for the nudge, you know who you are, Ms D of the V *wink*).

There is a definite autumnal feel in the air. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn and the hedgerow is laden with fruit, my favourite time of year.  Ideal for a forager like me.  I was tempted to light the fire last night as it's getting chilly in the evenings, but I managed to resist.  I've started collecting fallen wood for the kindling collection again.  I won't bore you with pictures of a basket full of twigs, that would be too much, but I'm happy with the amount collected so far!

So, what's been happening at Bramble Cottage?  Loads, and nothing really! Been pottering on as per usual, walking Furface, looking after the hens, garden, veggies etc and very little sewing!  My 40th birthday came and went and I feel the same (like a big kid still) apart from the usual knackered back, I'm fine!

Now, work.  It is so vile that I don't want to give it the time of day on here.  However, seeing as it keeps me in the style that I have become accustomed to, I feel it needs saying (or writing about).  *Actually scratch that (*gets out the rubber), I am refusing to talk about it, as this is about my life and the things that make me happy, it isn't making me happy and it'll turn into a rant.

I will talk about my bento boxes though, yippee *does a little dance.
Yes, that really is cold corn on the cob. Don't look at me like that, try it, it's lovely.

...and left over bbq chicken skewers.....

Now, the hens were laying brilliantly.  Even Pru who is 7 years old decided to start up production again.  The egg skelter was earning it's keep and looking fab with the home grown sweet peas, but things have taken a turn.  Cornelia and Agnes are broody.  Two Eglus and 2 broody hens leaves no space for the others to lay.  Having said that, Cornelia is an angel and will shift her bulk out of the nesting box long enough to allow the others to lay.  Her reward is to clamber back in the nest to try and hatch the infertile eggs.  Daft hen.

 The rain and sun, then rain have done wonders for the vegetable patch.  I picked the first lot of tomatoes today.  Even though the terrier has taken a liking to them.  I discovered two paw prints in one of the raised beds and a few tomatoes missing.  I won't comment on the lack of strawberries from the pots as I have a sneaking suspicion that he was involved in that too.  Time to put up defences around my corn on the cob.

The on going saga with the allotment continues.....there are now horses on the land to help clear the long grass, then the farmer will plough it, ready for the sheds etc.  I'm not holding my breath.  

My local family run garden centre is closing down, the land being sold off for housing *sad face.  However, they reduced everything by 50%, so I popped in and got loads of bits for the allotment, in the hope that one day I'll be able to plant something there.  80 Pea sticks, netting, large iron hanging basket, seeds, box hedging, twine and a Dutch hoe (? no idea, but it was £12 and has a lovely wooden handle), for the bargain price of £50. Sad though as it was a lovely garden centre.  

Yesterday was a year to the day that my Mum passed away.  My Dad and the rest of the Clan are in Germany on holiday, but I didn't want it to be a sad day.  I pottered around, gardening, walked Milo, and generally kept busy.  J came over for a Chinese takeaway and then I went to dog training.  A nice day all in all and I lit a special bees wax candle for Mum.  x x x 

Ooh, ooh, ohh, completely forgot to mention this, but I have been offered a job writing! Yes, writing, as in this sort of stuff! The company want me to write articles about self sufficiency, hens and all the general things that keep me sane at Bramble Cottage.  AND THEY ARE PAYING ME! whoop whoop.  It's all very cloak and dagger as I'll be a ghost writer, so I just need to find a sheet that i'm prepared to cut holes in and I'm all set.  *lameexcuseatajoke 
On a serious note, I am really excited (not quite a little wee in my pants excited, but you get the idea) and am looking forward to picture taking and writing about all that occurs at Bramble Cottage and the weird and wonderful world I live! 

Furface, aka Bear, aka little man, aka Milo the wonder dog is just a joy.  He has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few months, with him allowing complete strangers into the house and not a growl out of him.  For the record, I don't just invite strangers into the house, but I need to let workmen in for quotes (the last window needs doing)!  We still attend Wherwell School of Canine Excellence (ok, I made that name up, it's just a village hall) on a monday night, when appalling rostering allows and I like to take baked goods with me.  Well who wouldn't??  


It's gotten to the point where the owners are now requesting certain snacks! The cheek of it.  Some prefer sweet, others savoury, so victoria sponge and cheese straws are a winner! 

Talking of Furface, here he is, in all his photogenic splendour.  I think he looks like a little seal here! *suchcutewhiskers

Time for me to go.  It's 10pm and a certain boy needs his last walk of the day and I need to get a proper nights sleep.  So, night night all and sweet dreams.  

C x x x