Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yoga for Beginners..

Hello fellow Earthlings!

Well, we made it.  After the doom and gloom of the solar eclipse, when some predicted the end of the turned out to be a slightly cloudy 10 minutes and the world kept on turning.  I am relieved as I had a cake in the oven and it would have been a shame to waste the eggs, they are so few and far between.  

All is ok here, it has been a bumpy ride, filled with operations (not me, but J), hospital visits (with me being a Londonphobe - not good) and plenty of dog walks, cleaning out hens, cursing stones on the new allotment, baking, jamming and no crochet whatsoever as I still can't do it.  I have learnt many things over the past few months.  

Number one - Don't leave a tube of Germoline to repair allotment related damage, next to your toothpaste.  Ever. 


Number two - When cooking in a Rayburn at 6pm and placing a delicious Cornish pasty in the oven, set a timer.  Otherwise you will find it at 8am the next day, Fossilised. 

December. Yes, it was a long time ago that I last wrote my blog....I know I'm bad at this.   So, a few pictures from Yuletide as I like them :0) and feel bad that I didn't post a single festive post. 

A Christmas Cake for a friend.  He's Danish (which isn't relevant, just explains the use of the Scandi ribbon).  

My kitchen table with about 50% of the orders I made last year.  That there's a lot of cake, jam and puddin's! 

More cakes and German Spiced Almonds..

So, let me explain whats been going on.  J had another brain tumour removed (lucky number 3)! and was due to spend 6 days in hospital.  8 weeks later, after many complications, (an understatement) he was finally set free!  It was getting to the point that they were going to have to name a wing after him and to be fair, the food is enough to drive anyone insane. 

A 2 1/2 hour commute each way for me, but I like to think I kept him from completely losing his mind.

He is doing ok, now, but 5 general anaesthetics have left him really tired.  It will pass but he is doing really well.  

Bento land is alive and well here.  I am still trying to do one for work, but they aren't that healthy anymore.  They are still better than crappy airline food though, so at least I'm trying. 

and a new bento box for day trips....because I really needed a new one.


What with work getting in the way and hospital visits, I hadn't been to dog training in 9 weeks.  Furface was getting a bit stubborn and to be fair, I missed going for the social aspect.  I don't go out that much (aka I'm a hermit) so meeting up with the 'dog clan' every week was nice and I missed it.  I was told that they had all lost weight since my absence due to lack of baked goods.  I've made up for that since returning...hmmm, cheese straws.

The Allotment

I have been very busy with the allotment, (mainly going to the cash point to get money for the builder) but don't judge me.  I am hopeless when it comes to building things.  Unless it's a huge sandwich.  The fence is up, beds in, shed done, painted by me and it is looking fab.  I've had 11 days off so armed with a mattock (like a pick axe, but with a blunt end) and my new trusty lunch tin (essential), I started the back breaking task of digging over each bed.  All 8 of them.  HUGE beds. It has taken me all week with much muttering and cursing but it is done and I am over the moon.

Painting the shed on a cold day, did little to help my back, so off to the physio I went.  She advised I start yoga, as apparently I have a fantastic 'arse and legs, very strong...and amazing abs...' (it was at this point, I thought she must have been secretly downing a few cans of Stella between clients), but she was referring to my core strength, not my six pack.  Obviously.

Having received a fair few John Lewis vouchers, (thank you JL partnership Mastercard), I ordered a 'Yoga Bunny' mat.  I was so excited when it arrived beautifully wrapped in that plastic shrink wrap, that I tried to rip it open....

And pulled a muscle in my back.

It could only happen to me.  Or Mr Bean.  The mat hasn't moved from the spare room since January.  I still need to find a local yoga class.  And a Kaftan large enough.

After a week of agony, I visited the new Doctor, (no wedding ring, just saying) and he prescribed codeine and diazepam.  What a marvellous man he is.  I love modern medicine. I floated for around a week.

The first two beds and amazing cold frame made by my neighbour from my old bedroom window -

Look at that soil! 

I managed to pick up a couple of rickety chairs from the local auction place for £10 each and I think Furface approves!

*cough, I need a cushion

Everyone needs a lunch tin! And too many packets of seeds. My new addiction.  

I am due back to work on Tuesday.  Bleurgh.  More trouble at t'mill, but won't go into that here.  Needs must and I have a cute terrier to provide for.  I've been so busy, the time has flown by.  His 'Furriness' has been waking me at 6.30am every day, but I now get up, feed and walk him, get ready and head off to the allotment by 8am.  Spend a few hours there, then back home, quick bite to eat and then take him for a 6/7km walk.  Home by 2pm, resist the urge to collapse on the sofa and head off to the conservatory to get at least 2/3 hours of writing done.  It is going well so far and I'm enjoying the work.

When I'm doing my writing, Furface is usually sparko under my desk -

The hens are laying again.  TODAY, I actually got 4 eggs!  Well one was broken and eaten by 3 deranged hens screeching, like banshees to get to the yolk.  But you can expect thin shelled eggs when one of your hens is 6 1/2 years old.  Pru, the Matriarch of the group is 7 now and laid today!  A weird, torpedo shaped thing, but still an egg.  Good girls.  

It's now Sunday night, I'm listening to Michael Ball on Radio 2 (I'm so rock n' roll) and the little man is spread-eagled across 3/4 of the sofa.  Snoring.  And farting.  *mental note to not add a few left over sprouts to his supper next time* 

I will leave you with this adorable picture of him.  I now I am biased, but just look at that face. 

Night night Peeps!

C x x x


  1. I love your blog x
    I love milo x
    And you're not bad yourself x

  2. I love your blog, x
    I love Milo x
    You're not bad yourself

  3. So glad you're back! Milo's such an angel and it sounds like you've been a bit of an angel yourself. J is very lucky. Please keep blogging.

    Suzanne in Cheshire

  4. First things first, which is of course sending love and hugs to both J and yourself! Next, what a great post, I absolutely loved catching up with all of your news and seeing all of your yummy makes - The Christmas orders look divine. The allotment is also really coming along, I can't wait to see what you grow ( and then cook with your own fresh produce). Love Josie xx

  5. Well done in doing your blog, with SO much going on in your life. Don't get too exhausted. Enjoy your allotment, and deciding on seeds, and plants. Dear Pru.
    Best picture of the lad so far.
    xx Di from the Vendee.

  6. Not surprised it's been such a long time since your last post with all that going on! Hope J is through the worst of it now and you can settle back into normal busy mode. Great chairs by the way, what a bargain!

  7. The allotment is really looking brill, C! Any onion jam on that table? :)

  8. Phew, great to see you back. My you have been busy. Your allotment is going to be awesome. So relieved that John is on the mend.

    Keep elephant posting!

  9. ooh a post to read! fab photos Christian, and lovely to catch up here

    leanne x

  10. My what an interesting and fun time you've been having! love the blue shed.

    I have old hens too but I do find if I remember to give them oyster shell the eggshells are much tougher. Mine also get into fits of egg-eating if I forget to collect them promptly. Breaking them of the habit is a real pain.

    The bento boxes are brilliant.


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