Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guess where I am?

Up at freak o'clock this morning. Left the house at 5.55am. Traffic was murder.  The flight to Duesseldorf was ok and uneventful. I do fly to other places you know! But the DUS flight is quick, easy and I get to spend the whole day chilling out with internet access.  You would think that the hotels would provide it as standard, but most charge £20 or so a night, which i won't pay.  If you are lucky, you can get a wireless signal.  Depends how far you lean out of the window, balancing on one leg, trying not to drop the laptop!  Trust me, I have been there many times in Brussels!

I decided to let the old and new girls free range for a bit yesterday.  All was going well until Prudence saw Shirley and it was 'beaks at dawn'.  Then Elsbeth saw Laverne and all hell broke lose!  No damage to either parties and it seemed okay after 10 minutes.  A sprinkling of mixed corn and they were all friends!!  Winifred is too big for anyone to bother with.  She just struts around, Lady of the Manor. 

Jase let them all out today and they were fine, a case of chasing around the eglu to hide but things have settled down.  4 eggs at the last text message alert!!! Not bad from 5 hens, 2 of which are moulting.

Off to Milan tomorrow for the night, the flea pit of Europe.  I can't stand the place.  Luckily we land at 12 noon and leave very early the next day.  I have never known a city with so many mosquitoes!!  Its like an all you can eat buffet for them when I arrive.  Even in November, the buggers get me.  My arms and legs look like a brail version of War and Peace by the time i wake up in the morning.   Just seen the Temperature is  -4 tonight there, so hopefully the gnats will have frozen.

In other news, I didn't get the days off I wanted at Christmas. I am off the 24/25 but working the 23/26th!!!!  I have leave on hold for the 26th but might not find out if I'm off until 6pm on Christmas Day.  What good is that???  We were hoping to go to Scotland for Christmas to visit Jason's Mum and Sister.  Looks like he might be going without me this year.  My Parents are going to Germany, so Christmas for One (and 5 chickens).  

Trying not to think about it at the moment, there is always hope.   


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