Friday, November 27, 2009

Christian's (a) fruit cake

When I was 15, the school arranged a trip to Calshot activity centre on the south coast, for a week. Not a seriously overweight teenager's idea of fun, especially the thought of abseiling from the top of an aircraft hanger. I was terrified, but did it. Twice. Will not be doing it again.

I am just as scared now. The Fayre is tomorrow and I popped in today to see the hall and tables. Came home and decided to set up the dining table for a practice run. I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!! Everything was laid out and I was rearranging and tweaking, adding the odd gold coin here and a cinnamon stick there, until I realised that the 4 trays of jams, jellies and mincemeat were still upstairs, along with a huge sacks of cushions, stockings and draw string bags! *shock*

Lavender bags, wheat pillows, oatie biscuits and a cheeky elf skittle in the background

I have no idea how I am going to fit it all on the table. Will only put a few of each thing out. The rest can stay hidden under the table cloth!

Scottie dog brooches, fruit cakes, pot plants with garden markers and fabric vases at the back. If it stood still long enough, it got tied up in ribbon and adorned with a bauble!

I spent yesterday making small Christmas cakes and decided not to ice them. Nigella's recipe, you can't go wrong. Good old Miss Lawson. I can't be the only one who's stomach turns at the thought of marzipan. I wrapped them in greaseproof paper and decorated each one with brown paper and ribbon etc

Made 80 odd oatie biscuits today and ate a few as they weren't perfect, I am all baked out. Jase is in Milan, but will be home late tonight. Too tired to do anything. Arm is killing me from the swine flu jab a couple of days ago.

Have lots of snacks in the fridge for tomorrow. It is going to be a long day, so have stocked up on diet coke, apple juice and sausage rolls. The staples of life.....! Will fill a few bagels and get the thermos out later. I like to be prepared (and would never go hungry)!!

The girls are fine, sloshing around in the mud that was once a dry corner of the garden. They will get a thorough clean out next week. Eglus and runs out, dig over the whole area and put everything back. My back is really looking forward to it! Elsbeth is still the only one laying. One day off, one day on - like this for 3 weeks now. At least we are getting some eggs a week. Next door have lots of bantam eggs if I need them!

Resisting the urge to light the fire. It is all stacked ready to light tomorrow night, but it is perishing outside. Might just have to strike a match to try and thaw out my hands and feet.

I have received so many good luck wishes for the stall tomorrow and just wanted to say thank you to everyone. *Smiles*

I have worked really hard to get things ready and am happy with everything I have made, so hopefully will do well. I am a Christmas fayre virgin, so will just try and enjoy the weekend - have seen a few bits for sale on other stalls, so no doubt will come home with a few nice bits........

Sod it, am off to light the fire now. Hope I sleep tonight!

C x x

p.s Camera is charged so will take piccies tomorrow.


  1. Coming down tomorrow to see your stall, we are really looking forward to it! You will be absolutely fine and sell loads of stuff - the piccies look great - really appealing. (Have you remembered to pack a float - something I am often prone to forget!)
    Good luck in very large quantities.
    Caroline x

  2. Good luck tomorrow with everything - enjoy!


  3. Good Luck Christian. I will be honest and say your latest blog entrey made me chuckle. How many times have you said 'I don't think I have enough things'? LOL.

    You'll be fine, your stuff is just wonderful. Can't wait to see the pics.


  4. You look as if you have half a hall of stuff to sell never mind a table full - it looks great and look forward to more photos tomorrow - you have loads and loads of stuff.
    Good luck

  5. Everything looks fantastic! Wish I could be there but I'm in the drenched north! Good luck!
    love Suzanne

  6. Good luick Christian, can't wait to hear how it went!
    Hazel x

  7. Hi guys.

    Thanks so much, Christian, for your kind words about Zoomie.
    Still devastated ; the not-knowing makes it so much worse.
    Rapidly giving up hope now that it's been well over a week.

    I've been thinking about you too, and sending good vibes for the fair.
    Do hope it all went as well as we, your myriad fans, knew it would.

    Very best regards to you and Jason.


  8. It was lovely meeting you today Christian - your stall looked lovely - really exciting! We have already munched the oaty biscuits and loved them (including Jack aged 13 months!) Good luck for tomorrow.

  9. Whats left for us to buy!


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