Friday, February 08, 2013

A Dream come true...

I have met many of the greats working on flights.  Dame Shirley Bassey, Victoria Beckham (nice, but not that great) and even that Woman from the OXO ads, Linda Bellingham.  Today however was one of those moments, that you see someone and do a little wee in your pants. Ok, too much information, but you catch my drift.

Walking down the cabin on a Geneva flight this morning, I stop and stare.  Miss Kirsty 'turn a jumper into a vintage hot water bottle cover' Allsopp is sat in the last row of Business class.  To say I was moist with excitement is an understatement.  It was too good an opportunity to miss.  I LOVE KIRSTIE and had to tell her so.

I can honestly say that she is lovely.  We chatted about hens and my rescue terrier!  What a fantastic lady!

Now, you remember the wartime quilt I started in this post? Well, It is too small!  I love it, but it needs to be bigger, seeing as Bramble cottage has no proper heating, I am freezing my bits off most nights and a family of polar bears are thinking of moving in!

So I look through my tiny *cough* fabric stash and realise I don't have enough of the fabrics I need.  Typical.  Great that I can go fabric hunting all over Europe, but not so good when the shop is in Stockholm and you aren't going in the foreseeable future!  Bugger.  So, nothing else for it.  Unpick the odd squares from the HANDSEWN quilt (unpicking is my most loathed job, next to cleaning the oven) and substitute it for new fabric.

Going well so far and I realised that Margery the sewing machine has been neglected of late.  So lovely to sew a few pockets upstairs, then head to the lounge, light the fire and stuff said pockets and hand sew them together.  With a snoring, farting terrier serenading me from his basket.  My life is just crazy.

I am waiting for my lovely carpenter to come round and sort out shelving in my spare room.  The craft bits are becoming hazardous, to the point that an avalanche is imminent.  Due to the mess, I have temporarily misplaced my camera, but have found a couple of pics I love.  Upcycling or whatever it is called!

Desperate to find an old rake now -

...and I have the perfect place for these old tin can tea light holders.....

I am in Copenhagen now and really need to go to bed.   Late shifts kill me as I am used to being in PJs by 8pm, not serving drinks at 37,000 feet.  However, it does mean that I can head to Stof 2000, my favourite fabric shop in Scandiland.  

Before I go, I just need to say that if you are heading down to Meadowbank Miss Allsopp, I am just a slight detour off the A303!  Hot scones and home made jam a plenty!  Plus you will get to meet Milo the wonder dog! 

C x x x