Saturday, November 22, 2014

Static Terrier..

Hello and greetings from Bramble Cottage!  

I thought I hadn't blogged in 4 months, but it's only 3 1/2 so feeling better about that! ;0) 

Life is still the same, except for more hot water bottles, pain killers & me hobbling around the house cursing my spinal cord, extra cosy beds for Milo (seriously, he has 3 now), Christmas puddings, jams, jellies, cakes & baubles everywhere.  My conservatory resembles Santa's grotto.  On acid.  

I'm just back a walk with Furface and thought I'd set aside some time for blogging, seeing as it's been a while.  You can't beat walking the dog on a cool day, leaves on the ground and just you, the dog and peace. Being at one with nature and all that malarky.  Gives you time to think about stuff and plod on with the voice of Endomondo, my saddo tracking app, calling out each kilometre. Enough Mother-nature-tree-hugger crap, lets get on with this.  

Work is a bit of a nightmare at the moment.  I say bit, the way that a terrier rolling in fox poo is a 'bit' of an inconvenience.  I would however prefer to bath the aforementioned stinky dog than go to work at present. I am not going to go into it, due to the Company Secret Service watching, but I'm glad I only have 24 years and 6 months left.  Now there's a thought........

So, the Christmas fair i have been planning for, has been cancelled.
Like last year.  You see a pattern emerging?   

I won't bother again.  In truth, I have lots of 'private' orders to do and am frantically cooking, wrapping, list making (no shocker there) and planning what, where, who and how.  

The first of my mini Christmas cakes.  Only 713 to go.  I am joking. Sort of - 

Bento madness is alive and well.  Yes, I know I'm not 6 1/4 and have too much time on my hands.  

Big news on the allotment front! It is ready for planting.  Ish.  The field is ploughed, string is marking out the plots and I have a SHED!!  As modelled by the wonder dog! -

 I think it needs a touch of Cuprinol 'sage green' with white edging. And a curtain in gingham for the side window.  Plus bunting.  A shed has to have bunting doesn't it?

I need to get the edging sorted (luckily I have a corner plot, so just two sides needs doing), plus some sort of fence to prevent wandering terriers.  Then raised beds, guttering, water butts, cold frames, compost and leaf mould bins and paths.  So not much work then.  Luckily I don't have a dodgy back, eh?

We all went to Germany to Dad's house to sort out the will for Mum and the house deeds.  An emotional trip but had to be done.  It was nice to get away, have leisurely breakfasts with fresh baked rolls and just potter around and do a spot of eating, shopping and a bit more eating.  My uniform was a tad tight when I got back to work but I managed to get it on.  With a shoe horn and vaseline.

I did spot this shed in a back garden and had to take a picture.  #shedenvy #jealousofthelogs

Oona the ginger hen is no longer bald.  She lost the feathers on her back last June but is now sporting her winter look.  Even though her tail feathers aren't back.  She looks like a ginger wig walking around the run, but she'll get there.  Myrtle the white hen is looking like an albino porcupine with quills sticking out of her back.  The feathers are coming slowly.  Pru, Agnes and Cornelia are all fine, the free loaders.  Looking forward to more eggs in the spring.

On to Milo the Wonder Dog!  He who-must-not-go-on-the-sofa (oooh, that sounds very Harry Potter)  As you can see -

He is doing fine and we are still going to dog training on a Monday night, work permitting.  Still making cakes for the tea break.  We had an issue with him meeting sheep, via an electric fence which he didn't see.  Lets just say he isn't obsessed with sheep anymore and walks to heel along that stretch of the walk! He is adorable and my friend and I wouldn't be without him.

 My word, it's only 5pm and I've managed to complete this before midnight.  A cuppa is called for, then a quick walk with Furface and I'm going to light the fire and watch the Holiday.

Speak soon,

C x x x