Sunday, August 02, 2015

Milo the Household helper...

Ok, I promised I would blog more often and basically I'm a big fat liar.  There. I've said it.  

Hello! (He creeps in the back door, slightly ashamed that it's been 5 months since his last post)......

Let me start with a few pictures of the allotment and associated produce.  I'll try and gloss over the fact that I haven't blogged in so long.  However, I wasn't abducted by aliens or in a coma, just haven't had a chance and the uploading of pictures is driving me to copious amounts of tea and Marlboro Golds as it is so slow.  My laptop is old and I really do need a new one (need, not want), but with the vast amounts of cash I have spent recently on the house, things like a beautiful MacBook Airs in brushed silver, will have to wait.  Sighs.  

So, the broad beans were the first thing I really harvested.  Delicious little orbs of green in their velvety cases, boiled then eaten with melted butter and sea salt.  I gave a way a few carrier bags full as I don't have the freezer space.  That's a job for next week, get another freezer.  

The carrot thinnings......the second time I have thinned them.  Hopefully the main crop will be even more impressive. 

 Patty pan squashes and Italian courgettes.  Breeding like rabbits and I can't pick them quickly enough.  Away for a couple of days and I return to monster veg.

...and the best until last, my sweetcorn plants...the largest on the allotment and like a mini jungle on my little plot.

I've spent countless hours at the Lottie and taken numerous pain killers, but it is great fun and really rewarding.  You don't often see many people down there, but I tend to go during the day 'for an hour' (or 4 hours as the time just goes) and potter around weeding, tying things, planting and harvesting...

I have nearly put weed suppressing membrane over all the paths now, so need to get bark chippings and then I'll be happy. 

It's exhausting this allotment lark...

On my birthday in May, I woke up to find poor little OOna had passed away.  She had been laying strange eggs for a while and wasn't her usual self.  Nice that she went in her sleep, but I had a few days of the others calling for her. *sadface*  Pru who is 8 has surprised me by laying a few eggs this week, Cornelia is moulting and grumpy.  Agnes is laying 5/6 eggs a week and Myrtle hasn't had a day off in months!

So, lets talk about Furface.  My little Bear and friend.  He is doing fine, still making me laugh and keeping me company on the cold nights of Summer.  Yes, I admit it, I did light the fire the other night.  It was the 29th of July and 7C and I was freezing, so brushed out the fire place, stacked up the logs and prayed that the odd twig that fell down the chimney, wasn't the result of a bird's nest.  It wasn't.  The flames shot up and I was cosy again.  

Milo and I are still going to training on a Monday night, work permitting and he is doing well.  I've had workmen in over the past few weeks fitting the last new double glazed wooden window (finally), so the cottage should be toasty and warm this winter.  No more bubble wrap stuck to the window with drawing pins in the spare room, to stop the gale blowing through.  (Yes, I did do that.  Unsightly, but effective). 

Now, as you may know, the Wonder dog isn't that good with strangers, especially workmen.  He tends to want to bite their feet.  I decided to go into Town on Market day, to get him used to more people being around (he doesn't bite the general public, just those that want to come into the house - actually, thats a tad unfair, he hasn't done it in 2 years.....)  

Anyway, I put his red car harness on him and headed off to get Country living Magazine.  Forgetting how backward this country is about allowing dogs into shops.  I stood outside the Newsagents, umming about what to do (too many Facebook stories of dog being dognapped whilst being left outside a shop), but was called inside with the Lady saying 'come in, come in, it's fine.  We allow ASSISTANCE dogs in here....'  She thought his car harness was a 'special' coat!  I didn't actually correct her, I sort of lost the ability to speak properly, which as my friends know, is something that rarely happens.  So I bought the magazine as the shop keeper stroked him and prayed he didn't cock his leg over the cheese and onion crisps.  He didn't.

I am now trawling ebay looking for am assistance coat for Milo.  Will have to come up with some reason to justify taking him with me everywhere now.  I don't think 'fabric addict' could be classed as a disability?  

I was invited to a neighbours house last night for a Barbeque and they have a dog.  A white Lab/husky type cross that Milo will often have a go at.  He was really good and played nicely (most of the time) and actually lay down and gnawed a bone, next to the other dog.  Apart from plate surfing and begging for scraps from everyone there, he was great.  

I'm a bit awkward at times and generally avoid social gatherings (ok, I admit, I have thought about moving to Orkney, to live in a croft house, with a walled garden, several wayward rescue terriers, ex-battery hens and a goat, aka the Hermit life), but I had a nice time.  

Bento madness continues......

Plus this lovely little bento box that my friend Lisa "saw and thought of me'!! 

One of our usual walks.  Spot the Terrier....

I am still doing lots of ghost writing but no longer wear the sheet over my head.  I've proof read and edited a 65,000 word document and the current project is coming to an end.  I started it in December, but only a few weeks to go until I'm finished that part (sorry for the vagueness).  I need to start on blog posts for them - I think we all know just how reliable I am with that (oops), but I'll have to crack on and be disciplined with it.  I do love sitting in my conservatory typing away with a snoring Terrier at my feet and copious mugs of tea.

Plus they pay me.

That helps. ;0)

I've managed to nearly write this whole post without mentioning work.  Meh.  Let's just leave it there shall we?  Only 24 years to retirement.  There's a cheery thought.

I treated myself to a Nutribullet this week.  I had some John Lewis vouchers and have been after one for ages.  I say 'treated', but really don't think a machine that produces thick green sludge is that good a treat.  I shot down to Sainsburys and loaded my basket with spinach, raspberries, strawberries, melon, grapes, mango and a variety of green stuff.  I managed to hide the pack of mini dark crusted pork pies under the huge bag of spinach.  It's easy to make up the smoothies and they taste ok if you don't put too much veg in, but thats the whole point I suppose?

My favourite so far is Strawberry, pineapple, beetroot (cooked and cooled - from the allotment), orange and coconut water.  Plus a blob of Ben and Jerrys cookie dough ice cream. Delish.

Time to go and get more writing done.  Pleased I've written this now, as it will keep the blog fans from my door for a while ;0) and it's been far too long.

I'll leave you with this cheeky man cuddled up to me on the sofa.

C x x x