Sunday, March 23, 2014

My, what a lovely clean floor......

Hello everyone. Just back from a long walk with Furface and sat here listening to Elaine Pages' annoying laugh on radio 2.  It's show tunes hour and I'm loving it! 

Let me start with the last blog entry's cliff hanger....

Picture the scene.  Brussels, hotel lobby, full uniform and just checking out when I start to feel odd. Odder than usual.  Light headed, cold sweats, the whole shebang.  I ask where the toilets are, to be told on the first floor.  I don't look well and would I like some help? I do need help, but start saying "I'm not going to make it, I'm going down.....", as I start sliding down the reception desk.  Cue the security guard running up to me, shouting "code blue" into his ear piece, the receptionist dashing off to get water and me spread eagled on the cool marble floor of the Sheraton.  Dripping wet.  Still clutching my trolley bag.  Just when things couldn't get any worse, a United airlines crew walk in.  

"Oh my Gaaawwwdddd, he's down, British Air is down, someone do CPR.....".  Now, don't get wrong, whilst I was flattered they wanted to save me, I was slightly dubious as to their medical training.  We are taught to only start CPR if the person is not breathing and showing no signs of life/consciousness. 
Someone sweating, trying to hide their face to cover the embarrassment of the situation and crawling to the corner of reception, generally speaking, is not in cardiac arrest.  Maybe it's different in the U.S? 

All I can see is black shoes. The ugliest black shoes on the planet.  I appreciate that as crew you need comfortable footwear, but crocs? Black crocs??? For a hostie???  Plus a pair of shoes that can only be described as something form the set of Dick Whittington.  Black & clumpy, with a huge gold buckle on the front.  

The receptionist asks if I had eaten anything? No, I hadn't, so she disappears and returns with a croissant.  "Eat this", she says, "you've got low blood sugar". I start giggling, as it reminds me of a Victoria Wood sketch; Julie Walters demanding the last croissant, "I need that pastry, I'm hypoglycaemic"!!!!
Within 10 seconds of eating the croissant, I feel absolutely fine again.    Just mortified! 

Anyway, back to the bentoes.  Just a couple this week. Still haven't discovered the perfect healthy salad type thing I can put into it.  Something that will keep for a few hours when tearing around Europe.  

Milo and I have been going to training on a Monday night for nearly a year now, I think.  He is much better, but I'm still anxious about letting him off the lead sometimes.  A deer, rabbit or pheasant scent and he's off.  I know he will come back, but in his own good time.  I usually take a snack and drink with me, so I can sit and wait for him.  In fairness, he is getting better and doesn't bugger off for quite so long anymore.  

I usually bake something to take to training classes.  Found this bone shaped cutter in Germany and it's perfect for shortbread.  


Went a bit mad on the seed front last week.  I can't resist once we have 2 days of sun, I head into the garden, cuppa in hand and start planning crops for the coming year.  No news on the allotment front as yet.  Still waiting for the field to be ploughed.  Annoying, as we were promised it would be ready for autumn planting!  Well, seeing as it's now March,I think their time management is slightly out.  Maybe they mean this year? 

My new crafty kit arrived in the post.  An idiots guide to crochet.  Still struggling with it.  Even with the pictures. What is one down from an idiot? Must be me. 

The girls are doing well.  Getting 3-5 eggs a day, even Pru the old lady is laying again.  She is 6 1/2 and doing ok.  Look at poor Oona in the background.  She is oven ready and has been like that for 8 months now.  No signs of mites or feather pulling, but she is simply refusing to grow feathers.  She lays the largest eggs I have ever seen, but is the smallest hen.  


Cornelia is laying her lovely dark brown eggs that I've missed so much.  Only 3 a week or so and no doubt she will be broody before the month is up.  *mutters*


                                                            A close up of the angel's face....


I posted this on Facebook a while ago.  Forgot to post it here!  I love this picture! 

I'll leave you with some words on wisdom.  Well, my wisdom which is slightly skewed in the real world. 

Don't wear your new Superdry tshirt, when painting a wall. 

Even though your 'well trained' terrier hasn't legged it in the woods for 5 days running, doesn't mean he won't do it on day 6. 

No matter how good your teeth are, you can still break a tooth on a pork scratching. #dentistbookedformonday

C x x x 

p.s still having problems posting from my ipad!!  I wrote the whole post out, including pictures, then it wouldn't publish.  I had to copy, paste and email it to my MacBook to publish it.  Any ideas?