Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keep the vampires from the door..


I have 2 days off now, so time for a mega catch up! Where do I start?

The holiday was fab. Glorious weather, not a sniff of rain. Blue skies everyday and wonderful food, as always. We stayed in a friend's villa about 30 minutes from Faro - up in the hills. Not much mileage covered, just food shopping for lunch and a 5 minute journey to the restaurants.

We spent all day by the pool. Speedos were worn at all times (behind the high walls, so as not to scare the locals)......they will not be pictures of my tan line, as impressive as it is.

The villa is nestled in the hills, with just a few neighbours. Mainly locals, with dilapidated white washed houses, that have been added to over the years. One thing that I did notice, was the every spare bit of land had vegetables growing on it. a few tomato plants, potatoes, pumpkins growing down a drainpipe or a block of sweetcorn plants. I mean every little space, had something. We don't do enough of that here in the UK. Ok, so we don't have the same weather, but we could still do more.

We landed back into Gatwick at 2am, due to delays and finally got home around 4am. Woke up the next day to a damp patch in the lounge!! Just 3 weeks after the room had been decorated for the viewings! Typical isn't it?? Anyway, the plumber has now been and the leak is fixed. Just the decorators to come and 'asses' the damage and the carpet man to sort out the coir upstairs!!!

I picked up a few bags of garlic in the supermarket in Portugal. Huge bulbs with monster-sized cloves and fancied doing a pickled garlic recipe I saw on the t'interweb. Now, when a recipe starts with 'peel SIX bulbs of garlic', remember bulbs are the whole thing. If you have a fortnight to spare, then it is worth your while I guess. I of course had 12 bulbs to peel. Clearly I have no life.

The peeled garlic in all it's glory. Fingers and kitchen stunk! However, the picture does show off the lovely bowl I bought in Portugal.

After a bit of simmering in white white vinegar, sugar, water, peppercorns and chillis -

They need to stay in the fridge for a month to mature, so will be ready in time for the Michaelmas fair in September!

We had a viewing whilst we were away and she loved the house (despite seeing the damp patch) and came back yesterday for another look with her parents.....The estate agent has been very positive (aren't they always), so just waiting for the phone to ring. Trying not to get our hopes up.

I sold my first Christmas pudding of the year this week. A Lady from work has ordered one and paid up front. It is too early to mention the 'C' word?? According to the dancing Father Christmas on my iphone app, we only have 150 sleeps to go. Better get the sprouts on!

Now is confession time. I started writing this entry two days ago. Since then, the Lady that came round for a second viewing has made an offer. We have accepted. Farm Cottage is now sold (subject to contract - I could be an estate agent! )
Not really sure how I feel to be honest. Mixed emotions. Jase is in Scotland visiting his family, so I have arranged the solicitors, etc. Not a problem as I am here, but it is bringing it home and making it real. As one door closes, another opens, so they say. Sad though. Just the survey to get through. Fingers crossed.

Jase took a couple of pictures of me on holiday. Whilst I am more than happy to talk openly on my blog, hidden behind my lovely Macbook, anonymous to most, I have a real issue with photographs of me. They aren't many. And of those there are, I like very few. I thought this one was ok, so thought it fair to share and let you see the face behind the mutterings. Be warned, my legs look great when they are brown, if I say so myself *blushes*

I am still losing weight, but it is slowing down. Maybe because I am? 20 pounds lost so far. The above picture has not been photoshopped. If it had been I would have removed the pointed boob looking shape from my chest! What is that?? It isn't on me! I am still going to the gym when at work. 20-30 minutes jogging on the treadmill, whenever I can. I hate it. Seriously. It is awful and my body screams at me to stop, but I have to plod on. I even have short shorts - like proper runners have!! Think I am losing the plot. However, with brown legs, it doesn't look too bad. I draw the line at sweatbands.

Agnes and Cornelia are still moulting. Pru and Elsbeth are laying well and for some reason, Agnes has started laying again too. She should be concentrating on regrowing her new feathers, but you can't tell her! She simply will not listen. I am not sure how I am going to move the hens. Maybe send them on holiday for a week until I get the new chicken area ready?

Today has been nonstop phone calls to agents, solicitors and mortgage advisors. I am knackered. Thought I would sit down with a cuppa and write a quick update. In true Christian style, my updates are never quick and this has turned into an essay! At least I won't get cheeky comments on my blog for not updating in ages - you know who you are ;0)

Received a message on Facebook asking me to make a kindle cover! Plus possibly one for Hubby in a few months time.....now, what do I charge for a kindle cover? (you can't answer this one Bev)! The ones on Amazon are hideously expensive, £30-£50 each! I was thinking around the £12-£15 mark, but not sure? Ideas anyone? Is that too expensive or not enough. I was planned on making a few for the Michaelmas fair, but not sure.
I love mine but it was a real rush job before I went to work and needed something quickly. The design needs a rethink and slightly better padding. Can't help but like the way new technology meets cottage style gingham. Passengers who pop into the gallery for a drink, when I am sat for 30 seconds, often comment and ask where I got it from! I have my business cards handy at all times!

I need to crack on now and grab a bite to eat. I can hear the girls shouting for their treats, so had better see to them first!

C x x x

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sorry I have been away for so long! Holiday was lovely, very brown legs!!

Will catch up later, when I get 2 minutes to myself.

Just a short note to say I am ok!

C x x x

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday's mutterings

Afternoon everyone!

Bit of an uneventful week really. A couple of house viewings that went well I think, but no offers yet. Still early days though.
Did a 3 day trip (lates, which I hate) then had to take leave in a vain attempt to put me back on earlies - that failed miserably as I got a late Oslo and back on Tuesday. On a positive note though, I was late back in the evening, so they couldn't use me on Wednesday!! I am now off until the 21st of July - back on earlies....yay!!!!

Holiday time is nearly here. We fly off to Faro on Sunday. Business class, confirmed seats, no staff travel malarky!! Weather looks promising, around 30C every day with cooler temperatures at night, so perfect for sleeping. Can't wait! Speedos at the ready (as mentioned before, there are very high walls around the villa and pool, so will not be scaring the locals).

Not really feeling motivated at the mo. The craft room, or 'bedroom 3' as it is now known, remains tidy for viewings. Don't really want to do any sewing for fear of messing up the room. Plus, I'm not sure what to make. I have to get my backside in gear as the craft fair is only a couple of months away, but still undecided what else to do for it. Need to make some more jammy things, but the fruit isn't ready yet.

The gooseberry jam just needs some fabric toppers, then it is ready!

Elsbeth is laying well, her little brown eggs, Pru still hasn't laid since her soft shelled egg last week, but is otherwise ok. Cornelia & Agnes are moulting. Poor Aggie is looking rough as old boots. Bald patches, no tail feathers and looking really sorry for herself. Funny how her and Corny are different breeds, but both born on the same day and both moulting. Mind you, they do go into the Eglu together when one is laying. Reminiscent of girls all going to the toilet together when in a night club. No sign of their handbags though. I am sure that the hens will be spoilt by next door when we are away!

Country living magazine arrived yesterday, but am saving it for the flight to Faro. The kindle is loaded with books, but might need to browse amazon before we go. It is an expensive business this ebook lark.

I am picking a good handful of mangetout every day. Not bad from a few straggly plants on the reduced rack at Homebase. Courgettes aren't looking so great. I have one left and that is under constant slug attack. Mum dropped over 4 cucumber plants to replace the one I lost, so they are dotted around the garden and gave one to next door.

Spent today catching up with weeding, deadheading and a spot of bimbling around the garden. The sun did come out, briefly, only to be replaced by black rain clouds the second I finished watering! Typical. No rain yet though, but loads forecast for the coming week! Shame I'll be in Portugal!


C x x x