Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gas mask required...

They say that life gets in the way of things, but in truth it has been death that has stopped me blogging for so long. I love doing my blog and I really appreciate all the comments and (nagging) emails when I don't update my blog often enough :0) however, the past few months have had their ups and downs.  Mainly family related with a couple of relatives causing problems that I won't go into.  

Just for the record, I am absolutely fine.  I can't tell you how much I miss giving Mum a call and just chatting to her, but I need to stop talking about that before I start welling up.  You've all waited long enough and a tear splattered ipad isn't going to help me publish a post!  Yes, I have finally worked out how to write/post from my ipad (so no more excuses),  even though the layout is a bit weird on here, I'm trying! 

As usual there is always some kind of drama happening at Bramble Cottage, but nothing too sinister and nothing that a few strongly worded emails to a door and window company won't sort out. Eventually. 

So, here we are in December! My favourite month.  Been busy doing craft fairs and steaming what seems like hundreds of Christmas puddings! All have now been dropped off/posted/delivered.... trouble is, I have even sold the one I made for me, so it looks like I'll have to buy one. 

Bento box madness has arrived at Bramble is the only reason I actually look forward to going to work. 

Talking of work, it is hideous at the moment.  The atmosphere is worse than a hog roast at a vegan convention. I can't say too much, but I have taken a paycut decided by a group of people on a different pay structure to me.  The company Gestapo are probably monitoring this (paranoid? Me??) but I am just so angry.  Changes came into effect on the 1st of November, which means my November allowances (paid at the end of December) are a couple of hundred pounds a month down!  Happy Christmas Christian!  Now I have said too much.  Will have to go out in headscarf and dark glasses now.  Anyway, work is work and it keeps Bramble Cottage warm.  I've only got 6 more days on from Monday and then I'm off until after Christmas.

I have been having a bit of a saga with a window and door company.  They have so far been here FIVE times and my windows and front door still aren't fixed.  Things are looking better though and the kitchen is like a sauna now.  I needed a new lintel above one of the kitchen windows and a large chunk of wall collapsed.  All fixed now with Flint and lime mortar, several cups of tea (for the builders who pulled the window company out of the shit) and numerous calls to the MD. 

I have been assured the mortar will fade! 

Just the windows to be painted white, the kitchen needs a touch of re plastering due to damage, the front door painted green, locks changed, new letter box and something sorted out about the gale blowing under the new oak door.  

I found this picture of Milo the wonder dog when he first arrived from Ireland, before he went to the foster carers.  Look how small he was.  

..and him having a nap on my bench! 

It's blowing a gale out there tonight, so the fire's been lit, slobby gear on, Furface walked and currently snoring on the sofa next to me, doing little barks in his sleep and the odd fart. Bless him. He isn't actually allowed on the sofa, but I am weak when I see those big brown eyes looking up at me.  He has been such a comfort to me (and Dad), just a great friend when you fancy a cuddle.  Even though his farts are like napalm. 

Time to head off to bed now, but it will be back soon.

C x x x

p.s I had to email this post to my Macbook as it wouldn't post from my ipad!!  Any bloggers know what error 403 means?