Friday, January 20, 2012


Mr Milo, the wonder dog!!

Yes, he is here at Bramble Cottage and fitting in like a dream!

I have fallen for him big time.  He is such a sweet natured pooch.  Puppy dog eyes, feet that are too big for his little legs and the softest ears you have ever felt.  Does that sound strange?  Yes, it does, but he is!

I cannot tell you how happy he is making me.  He is like my shadow after only 3 days.  Good as gold usually and such a cutie the way he pads around the downstairs and always tries to get on the sofa next to me.  Mum and I have agreed, no sofa or bed.  I mean that!!  I am not that house proud, but I have a very milky coffee coloured sofa and muddy paws prints aren't a good look.  Yesterday he spent 30 minutes with his paws on and off the sofa and me being very strict.  Today we came back from a 4 hour 'familiarisation' visit to my Mum and Dad's and he hasn't tried to get on the sofa once.  I am positive he will when I'm not looking though!

We have had a few issues with him 'marking' inside the house.  I did expect this as it is all strange to him!  He has now pee'd in every room, so am hoping that is it!!  Downstairs is fine as I have hardwood floors, but upstairs in carpeted so a bit more work. I say 'fine', but it isn't that appealing!  He hasn't been neutered so that is one possible reason for it, but it is quite pungent, without going into details.

He has a check up on Monday to see Grant the vet, so we will discuss his dangly bits then.  One friend commented on their size.  As I said to Mum, he wasn't ashamed to get undressed in the showers at school.  He is a big boy!!!  However, they need sorting out.  Poor lad.  The pound in Ireland, put in a crate, shipped on a ferry, left at a foster home and then mine and I have him 'done'!!  What a few weeks he has had!  I planned to give him a few weeks to settle before the op, but think it needs to be done sooner.

He isn't remotely aggressive with people or other dogs.  Very shy in fact, especially with people.  He is slowly learning to trust and is coming on in leaps 
and bounds on a daily basis!  

I am off until the 29th of January, so have time to bond with him and take him to Mum & Dad's to get used them and the house.  So far so good.  

It was Jase's Birthday yesterday.  A very special Birthday!!!  I wasn't sure what to get him, so decided to make a quilt.  I figured he would appreciate it and treasure it and he was gob smacked.  You see, I have a dodgy back (as I may have mentioned once or twice) and sitting at a desk with a sewing machine for 2 solid days isn't really what a physio would recommend.  I could hardly do 2 hours of Pilates as a birthday pressie for him though, could I?  

We went to the Indian for dinner and had a lovely meal, then back here to a roaring fire and a bottle of red (Diet coke for me)! 

So, he came round yesterday afternoon and met Milo for the first time.  Within a couple of hours, Milo had settled into it and was fine.  I am trying to socialise him as much as possible.  

This is how the quilt started life......

Nearly finished.........! 

I will take a picture of the finished quilt tomorrow as it is dark and I can't get a decent snap.  Jase loved it so am chuffed!  

My february roster is out and it is really good.  I haven't looked that closely at it yet, so need to work out dog sitting duties!  Looks fine so far though and I have a 3 day trip with Jase which will be nice.  

Time to organise dinner and light the fire.  I am frozen!! I've been feeling a bit run down for the past couple of days, so Beechams powders, Berocca and cups of tea are featuring highly in my diet.  And the odd Creme egg. It is lovely lying on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket with a scruffy little dog on the floor within stroking reach.  He loves it too.  Content.  

Update - Managed to get some pictures of the quilt! 

The binding - 

And for MrsH, the back! - 

I always do basic 'stitch in the ditch' for quilting as I find it easier on my back.  Maybe with the next quilt (although, every time i make one I say never again) I will try and more creative and do swirly patterns or something?  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A flying visit yet again...

Sorry, a really bad internet connection here in Glasgow!

I just wanted to post a quick update re the dog situation!

I visited a foster home near Bournemouth on Saturday and met Hank (named by the rescue centre) He is a scruffy bundle of terrier.  Probably Patterdale, with several others breeds mixed in - I am thinking Dachshund and God only knows.

He came over from a rescue centre in Ireland where they are only allowed to keep dogs for 7 days, then they are's at that point that they are picked up by other rescue centres here, packed into crates and put on a ferry.

He is under 2, good with children, other dogs and very sweet.  He no idea how to walk on a lead, don't think he has ever been walked :0( He was so shy and spent most of the visit under the dining table, but Mum, Dad and I feel for him!

Once the home check is done, I should be able to pick him up on Tuesday!!  Mega excited now and busy trying to organise lead, collar, bedding, bowls, treats and food - not easy when you aren't at home.

Have to go to bed now, as up at the crack of sparrows, but will leave you with a picture of my new dog.  He is now called Milo.

C x x

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Can I take my crochet hook?

You know some days you wish you'd stayed in bed?  Well that applies to today.

After spending what seemed like an eternity in a grey 1970's building at the training school, when your brain is mush and every gram of life force is drained from your body, you would think that sitting an exam isn't conducive to good mental health.  Unfortunately, that is what they make us do.  I have done 12 annual checks now and quite proud of the fact that I know my stuff.  Anal isn't the right word, some might call it that, but I know my job and have this weird ability to remember things.....until today that is.

I failed my annual check!!  Stupid bloody questions about camping gas stoves in the cabin & allowing passengers on with 5 litres of medication???  Now, seriously, if you needed 5 litres of medication, shouldn't you really be in hospital rather than a plane?  I know what we offer isn't fine dining, but would you whip up an omelette on a flight to Brussels?

The ironic thing is, all the questions about the aircraft I am licensed on, I got 100% right - believe me there are thousands of questions.  However, you can get 9 questions wrong out of 50 and still pass I believe, but not 3 on the same subject.  That's what I did.

I thought that I was coping very well with recent events.  Splitting up with J, moving house etc - all pretty stressful stuff.  My weight loss has proved that something is up.  For me to not want to eat much, something must be awry!!  However, I am pretty content I think.  Bramble cottage is lovely (well, getting there), cosy and mildly warm, the hens are settled, work is better (as I have lots of leave!! *wink*) and generally ok with stuff.  Clearly this isn't the case at the moment.  I am so disappointed in myself.

The good news is, I have 2 days off now and have been taken off my Madrid and back on Saturday, to return to the life-force-sucking building and re-sit the exam.  Now the pressure is on.  Uniform is put away, pj's at the ready, kettle's
on, fire about to be lit and the dangerous goods manual is open.  If you need to know about hydrocarbon gas hair curlers, knitting needles or radioistopic cardic pacemakers, then in theory I will know!

Diet coke, marlboro lights and a pizza are on stand by.....

C x x