Friday, November 16, 2007


Got up early this morning and had breakfast. Got dressed and set about putting the new eglu and run together.
I drove to the New Forest and picked up the new girls.......
Not the best picture as, obviously, they are not used to the media attention yet.

The white one is a light sussex called Winifred

The grey one is an English maran called Elsbeth

And finally a Silver Sussex called Prudence (at the back, very camera shy)!

They are so beautiful!!! And HUGE!!!

So much bigger than the original girls. Talking of which, Laverne and Shirley are not happy! They are creating in the garden as I type. They keep pacing around asserting their authority. It is so funny to watch. Luckily the neighbours are away for a long weekend, so the noise won't bother them.

I will leave it for a while until I let them freerange together. The breeder said let them see eachother for a couple of weeks, just to get used to 'other chickens' being around. I can't see the new girls being bullied too much as they are so big!!!!!

The two eglus together......

Jase is back to work tomorrow so I will crack on with the garden and leaf collecting! They are everywhere. Need to make a leaf mould bin to put them in. Have to hoover out the car to lose the smell of chickens. They were good as gold in the car, but the smell is lingering!! Hehe.

Thats enough for now, off to peek at the new girls again. All seems quiet outside, so maybe Laverne and Shirley are chatting to their new friends nicely. Fingers crossed.

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  1. The girls all look lovely and they will soon settle down

    I had an orange eglu - lovely aren't they - and the chickens look 'cool' next to it


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