Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hand/eye coordination - One man's struggle...

Evening All!

Been a tad busy for the past couple of weeks, but back now!

Firstly, let me start by explaining about a little blog I discovered.  It is called Attic 24 and I have been following for a couple of years now.  She is a crochet Genius and I stare in awe at some of the things she makes.

Take this granny square blanket for starters.  How yummy is that?  I think something similar would look great in my lounge, to snuggle up with on cold winter nights.

I mean who cannot love the colour of yarn??  Look at these - I think a throw/snuggle blanket would look fabulous in these colours........

(Pictures borrowed from Attic24's blog - do a google, her stuff is lovely)
Last Thursday, I had an appointment with Pauline the Dog Whisperer.  Mum and Dad came over as they needed to learn the best way to make Milo a true Wonder Dog, as he is so often described on my Facebook updates......

3 hours and lots of lessons to be learnt later, she left and the training started in ernest.  He is doing so well, but I struggle to find enough people to come round and 'test' him out.  Am tempted to place an ad in the paper;


Brave souls to pop in and help train 
rabid, snarling rescue terrier.
Tea, cake and full body armour provided. 

I'm not sure how many would apply.......

Talking of the little poppet, he doesn't really like having his picture taken.  One day I will catch his dopey side.  The Milo I see everyday when I wake up and he is looking at me, with love in his eyes and a cheeky wagging tail, just so excited to see me. 

He knows just the right time to look away.........

Training is going well and his recall is excellent.  He can sit and lie down on command.  I say recall is excellent unless deer are involved.  Or pheasants.  Or partridges.  Or another dog.  Or clump of grass.  Apart from that, he comes back every time.  

Spent the week planting more seeds into yoghurt pots and generally pottering around the house constantly hoovering up Milo fur and mopping paw prints off the kitchen floor.  Am tempted to recarpet upstairs in a a nice tan/black colour..

I picked up a Glasgow night stop from Stand by last week and simply had to visit one of my favourite shops.  Mandors in the city centre, just 1 minute walk from the crew hotel.  Being slightly strapped for cash, I was tempted with several metres but walked away with just 5.  Aren't they gorgeous??  The wellie boot one also comes in a blue/grey design that I might just have to order later.

I have cut out lots of pieces already, to make in to hot water bottle covers and shopping bags.  Still have loads left, to squirrel away for another day.  It was fun sat with a bit of sewing.  Has been so long since I sat upstairs with the purring of my machine and Milo at my first keeping a close eye on spare threads that he could play with.  

Within the first week of moving in to Bramble Cottage, Mum and I planted around 100 daffodil bulbs.  Stupidly, I forgot to take any pictures, but here are a couple of the narrow beds along the length of the house

I had no idea that there were bluebells all the way along, which came out just as the daffs were finishing.  Stunning. 

 All the hens are laying well, so I decided to sell some eggs from the front door.  I made up a little sign and popped them all in a box with a lid, a couple of plastic bags and a dish for the money.  They have only been out there one day, but have sold a box already.  As if on cue, Cornelia then decided to go broody and has been fluffed up and clamped to the nest for 2 solid days now.  She has pulled all her feathers out from her tummy to line the nest and is looking sorry for herself.  A bad tempered hen who will not tolerate being dragged from the nest kicking and screaming!  I have to otherwise she won't eat or drink.  Just glad that I am off for a few more days.

A friend posted this on Facebook and i just had to steal it.  Perfect use of 'upcycling', I believe the term is.  Looks great anyway.

The good news is that I have paid my admission fee for the Christmas fair at  The Fairground in November I think it is.  Will keep you all posted of the exact dates.  Work started yesterday on what to make/bake and sew for it.  I love the Christmas fair and look forward to it all year.  It takes a lot of work but anything Christmassy doesn't feel like a chore to me.  Stockings are already in the planning/drawing stages.  Exciting!

Still undecided about the Michaelmas fair in September as they are charging so much for the stall.  It just wouldn't be worth doing.  £95 for 2 days is an awful lot of jam to sell before I break even.

For once I have sat down and written my blog in one go.  Without breaks and trips to the loo, copious amounts of tea and visits to the garden for a ciggie.  Quite shocked at that, so might have to dash off now.  Yes.  Back in 2 shakes of a terriers tail.

Right, I'm back.  Did you miss me?  Ok, so today I did something that I have wanted to do for ages and actually the point of this blog post.  I had a crochet lesson at the Fairground Craft Centre mentioned above.  I sat with Jen for 2 hours and now realise that my fingers do not listen to my brain.  I have no coordination with left and right, top or bottom, but having that lovely sage green alpaca yarn in my hand was lovely (and a little bit weird sounding to those that don't know yarn).

After several hours I have now mastered the chain/foundation stitch that most children take 40 seconds to learn. My tension is all wrong but that will come with time according to FB friends and my Jedi crochet-mistress.  The one who can crochet a poncho, behind her back whilst practising steps to Riverdance.

I am a long was off from the blanket pictured above, my fingers hurt, but I will get there.  Just need to find room for a wool/crochet hook stash and I'll be away.  Me thinks that wool is going to be another expensive addiction......but hey, it's cheaper than cocaine.  Need to master Double crochet next. God help me.

Thanks for reading and speak to you all again soon.

If I don't stab myself with a wooden crochet hook.

C x x x