Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby face..

Hello everybody!

2 weeks off now which means I have time to write.  Being somewhat of a perfectionist (who me)?? I find it really difficult to write all the time, sometimes it won't just pop into my head and flow naturally.  You have no idea how many blog posts I start then delete....and now that I sometimes (!) go on Facebook, I  don't want to repeat myself.

Anyway, all is well at Bramble Cottage.  Apart from an empty oil tank, non existent log pile and a dodgy back that is.

I spent a few days in Germany, at my Parent's house up in the mountains.  Milo came too and we used his passport for the first time.  Dead easy and we'll definitely do it again.  Lots of long breakfasts, walks, dinners out and weight gain, but nice to get away.

The Village isn't that big, but has the most essential shop; a bakery!  Fresh rolls are a must for breakfast, loaded with meat, cheeses and washed down with plenty of tea.  I find it hard to eat first thing usually, but it didn't take much arm twisting in Germany.

The views all around are stunning, but Mum and I (well Mum) thought it best to leave Milo on his lead.  He isn't renowned for returning on command (or at any time really) and with wild boar in the woods, it was probably best.

A view of the top of the village.

One thing I have noticed is that country folk 'make do and mend'.  A prime example are the steps down to Mum and Dad's cellar.  An old metal water pipe has been used as a hand rail!  

I saw this when out walking Milo; Why spend money on wooden post caps when you can nail an old tin on instead?? 

Something else I saw, was beautifully stacked wood.  Not high on most peoples holiday photos list, but I am slightly obsessed by wood. Serious log envy.  It puts my 7 logs to shame. 

(This picture did involve some curtain twitching by the owner). 

Today started out dry, so I dashed to Danebury Hill fort with Milo and walked him for a couple of hours.  Once he was dried off and safely tucked up in bed, I headed to the local garden centre for compost, farmyard manure and a few terracotta pots to replace the ones broken over winter.  
Spurned on by the dry sky, I dug over all the raised beds and replanted the spinach and chard that had made it through winter.  This will be for the hens all summer/winter and maybe a bit for me.  Don't you all have a separate bed for your hens' food??? 

I love getting my hands in fresh compost.  Maybe it's just me (probably) but it 'feels' nice to start a bed off with fresh compost, breaking up the lumps and making it level (OCD).  Ah, just need to work out what to sow this year....

So having lifted 3 bags of compost, 1 of manure and several tub trugs of weeds and crap from the garden, I can safely say that my back is knackered again.  Not bad enough to stop me seeking comfort in a Cadburys creme egg that had somehow managed to get wedged between the fridge and the wall.  I got that sucker out though!  Hot bath and lots of drugs later. 

The past two weeks I have worked like a dog.  Well, for me anyway.  6 days on, 2 off, followed by a 7 day block.   I was hanging by the end of it.  It was worth it though as I am now off until the 28th and just hoping for a bit of good weather.  Dog walking in monsoon conditions isn't fun.  Milo doesn't even fuss when I dry off each paw, every time we come in the house.  

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Pru and Agnes's combs were starting to turn red again after the long winter break.  So far, all have started laying again, except Elsbeth.  She is the oldest I think at 6 1/2 with Pru a close second.  Agnes is laying like a trooper and I've had 6 eggs from her in 7 days (plus 4 that my neighbour pinched when I was at work and he was looking after them).  Plus one egg from Cornelia who will probably lay 2 more then go broody for the summer...

It won't be long before I start putting the old wicker basket outside the front door with 'eggs for sale'!

Earlier this week I was asked for ID in Sainsburys *faints in shock* I bought a bottle of red wine (not for me, I have plenty of addictions, but vin rouge isn't one of them) and the cashier said that anyone that looked under 25 (really???) had to show ID.  I said that I would give her ID if she let me stroke her guide dog.

It seems my skin care regime of Marlboro Gold, PG tips and Aldi Q10 face cream (yes really, it's dead good), is paying off.  Either that or she was having a bet with the other cashier?

Time for a quick walk with Furface and then dinner.

Bye bye all!

C x x x