Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Vegetable Thief.

Let me start this blog entry with 2 warnings.  Firstly, you may want to disinfect your computer after reading this, I have had a cold on and off for 2 weeks now and do not want to spread my germs through cyberspace.  

Secondly, I will be using the 'C' word today.  You have been warned.  

I have had 10 days off so far, a few days off sick and the rest my part time week off.  Due back on Sunday and am stunned at how quickly the time has passed.  Got quite a bit done in between walks and jamming sessions (the fruit variety, not music) and feeling confident that I have enough for the Michaelmas fair on the 22nd/23rd September.  Still lots of baking to do a couple of days beforehand, but manageable!  

I have just finished a baby quilt which someone ordered.  Dead chuffed with it! 

With cheery apples on the back!  

The jam mountain is slowly growing.  Just a couple of hundreds fabric toppers to cut out and viola!  Have run out of fruit for the week, but the hedgerows are heavy with the promise of blackberries.  I picked a few yesterday and made banana and blackberry (obviously) loaf, which is lovely.

Brace yourselves for the 'C' word.....

Preps are now underway for the Christmas fair on the 1st/2nd of December!   I have started making hot water bottle covers and posted a picture on Facebook.  Orders came flooding in, so will need to make more!  Sat with one of my favourite films last night 'The Holiday' (I really need to live in Iris' cottage) and made some mini stockings for the tree.  They were popular last year so making lots more!  Quite quick to make, especially when surrounded by festive cheers playing on the laptop! Have cut out another 20 from felt ready to sew when i get a chance.  

A bit of an 'arty' shot using the new app Instagram I have on my phone! 

I discovered a wasps' nest by the back door, so local wasp man Steve came over, fully suited like a Tellytubbie.  Nest sorted, £20 and a medium Christmas pudding and we were both happy! Nice.  Milo wasn't bothered at all which surprised me.  He has been so good with strangers lately.  
I started off the first batch of pudding mixture earlier in the week, ready to make 5 puds on Saturday if I get a chance.  If smells divine not that I sit sniffing it all day.

The log man came this week and delivered a huge pile of logs, which should last the winter.  Oil tank topped up and Stanley the Rayburn serviced, so I am all set!  The trees have a definite autumnal look to them, so it won't be long before the leaves drop and I'll be wrapped up in a woollen scarf taking Milo for a walk.  I like autumn.  

A lady walking past my house stopped and commented how lovely everything was looking.  The sweetpeas by the front door, the gladioli I planted and the mass of flowers from a cosmos that is taking over.  Made me feel warm that she appreciated it.  She then got her Bible out.  "Would you mind if I read you a passage"?  I then realised t wasn't her gardening comments that made me feel warm, it was clearly my satan detector.  
I apologised and said that I respected her views, but my 'lifestyle' wasn't in keeping with her, er, Lord's teachings.......enough said I thought.  Oh no, "We can help you with that problem" she said.  No, you can't love.  It isn't a problem.  Now go, before I release the hound........

Things in the garden are doing well with my pumpkin plant taking over.   It started in the left hand corner of the picture and is creeping across the chicken run at an alarming rate.  I pinched out the growing tip, but it is sending out side shoots everywhere!

I have 6 pumpkins doing well - just hope they ripen soon, as it won't be long before the first frosts.....

The hens are well although moulting.  Cornelia is still in moult after several weeks, but has started laying again.  Only a couple of eggs a week, but big dark brown ones!  Agnes is dropping the odd ginger feather, but still laying every day.  Pru and Elsbeth just like to eat and bully the other two.  One egg from Pru this month and none from Elsbeth.  I don't mind, they have laid well for years.

Milo has been enjoying the sunshine and spends many an hour in the garden, resting his eyes.  I need to reread 'How to train your terrier to come back when you call him, as he has a mind of his own', as his recall is getting worse.  I love letting him off the lead and watching him running through the woods, around the copse and fields, but he only comes back when he wants to!  Even with the promise of treats.  Even with small bits of cheese, he is deaf to my calls.  He is a bugger.

He isn't in any danger where I walk him, but I still worry.  He always comes back (when he is good and ready) but that isn't acceptable to me.  More work is needed but not sure where to start?

I think I mentioned before that Milo has taken a liking to my alpine strawberries?  They are tiny little things, but packed with flavour.  Apparently. I wouldn't know,  he has eaten them all.  Will be planted out of terriers reach next year.   He has since started on the tomatoes.  Green, yellow or red, he isn't fussy, although I often find the odd half eaten green tom in the lounge on my rug.  I swear he is eyeing up the spinach and chard bed too!!

It's been a nice few days, shorts on and sun shining.  Have been leaving my window open all night as it gets quite hot in my bedroom.  Last night the mosquitos decided to pay me a visit.  I have several bites on my legs and erm, six pack.  Will have to postpone the underwear photo shoot until the bites have healed.  

Gotta dash, time to put more calamine lotion on my red bits.....

Thanks for reading!

C x x x