Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tick tock.......

I stumbled across a writer's blog this evening and wondered if it would be something that I could do? Could I write? I know that I do, by updating my little on line diary here, but could i do it properly? I have had many comments from (deluded *wink*) people saying how much their enjoy reading my random mutterings, but could I make a living out of it?

I often sit in my armchair in the winter with the fire roaring, always late at night, typing away. I seem to think more clearly at night. In the summer I spend my time in the kitchen, stable door open, listening to the sounds of nature that work their way through the open door.

I have a mental block towards grammar sometimes, my use of apostrophes has been regularly attacked by the punctuation police and don't get me started on spelling! I always thought my spelling was good until I started this blog, now I second guess every other word! But (can I start with a but)? I enjoy writing!! I always read my entries out loud to see if the reader will understand what I am getting at. My sense of humour worries me. It is definitely strange and I am frequently called barking mad. I am, however, honest. I hope that comes across?

Back to the little house in Hampshire!

The clocks change this evening and summer is on it's way. The seedlings are coming on well.

Spinach (for the chickens)!

Sweetpeas for cutting all summer long.

A thyme plant in a recycled olive oil tin, that I 'liberated' from a dustbin outside a restaurant in Scotland (much to OH's disgust). I was egged on by his Mum! Honest!

After spending 20 minutes this evening, trying to reset the time on my mobile phone, I am not even going to attempt the cooker! It is now 1am (midnight really) and I should go to bed. 2 more days off and back to the wonderful world of Customer Service. Lovely. Not.

I will leave you with a picture of my little pear tree springing into life.

Night night everyone.

C x

Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy with Veggies

Evening! After a few days of glorious sunshine, I headed out to the veggie garden. It was so warm that I tidied up the plot and planted out a few more seeds. After rearranging the area and finally deciding where to put everything, I now have a dedicated strawberry bed. The blackbirds that nested in our log store last year, have taken up residence in next door's hedge, so will be planning raids on the ripe berries again, I'm sure. I have outsmarted them though! ;0) Quite fine netting all the way 'round.

A new chard bed, with room for beetroot!

and spinach for the Girls -

Dug over the bed near the chicken area, and planted some peas. Decided to go for 'Blauschokker' with very dark blue/black pods. I have covered the area with chicken wire to try and stop the mice. Haven't seen them around for weeks, so hopefully the neighbouring fields are providing enough pickings for them.

The mini daffs in the herb planter outside the kitchen window are doing well. They are tiny, but look great.

The broad beans that I planted in paper pots are now in their bed.

I watched a great programme on telly this evening - 'Grow your own drugs'. He uses plants and herbs to make home made remedies.
I like the idea of lip balm, so have been researching!! There is a fab shop in Glasgow that sells all the raw ingredients. I could order via the internet, but I have a Glasgow nightstop in a couple of weeks, so will pop in and see what they have. Plan to get a few jars and bottles to make pressies - another string to my bow.

Found out from the Lady that I get my chicken supplies from, that the local school holds a Christmas Fair every year. £10 entrance for sellers and you can sell anything. I plan to do lots of jams, jellies, oils, Christmas puds, cakes and biscuits. I might add some creams and lip balms to the list? Will see how I get on with the starter kits and take it from there.

Jase is back to work tomorrow for 3 days. Will give me a chance to catch up with the whole series of Grow your own drugs on iplayer! Can't believe I have missed it, as It is very much my thing.

The fire is dying down and the temperature is dropping. The wind was wild today, really cold. I did manage to go to the garden centre though and get a few hanging baskets and trailing geraniums.

The plum tree at the end of the garden is starting to blossom, Spring is on it's way!!

Time to go, so speak to you again soon.

C x x x

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stone Age Man?

Here I am in Nice and have a little time to blog away!

Spent last week being creative and made my Nephew and Niece an Easter bag each. Not the best picture, but you get the idea. An 'E' and a 'G' if you can't make it out.

Each one is filled with chocolate treats and I am quite pleased with the results.

I did another chicken course last weekend, which went well and have another planned for Saturday. Have just sold the last 2 places so a full house of 6! I have added a couple more for April so we will see if they fill up.

Been a good week so far, most of my flights are empty and have had nice crews. Off out for dinner later this evening and one flight home tomorrow. I then have 10 days off! Really need to do some more work in the garden as it has been neglected slightly. The compost bins still need turning and I plan to get some summer bedding in the ground next week.

Fine looking compost!

My broad beans are doing well and need planting out soon. Planted my onions and carrots in a dedicated bed this time round. I never do very well with carrots usually, so I am hoping them will come up this year. I have edged the bed with onion sets to ward off the dreaded carrot root fly :0) The sweet peas are in, so I am happy. I always do well with them and have some seeds from Hampton Court flower show from last year. 3 different varieties and way too many seeds planted, but you can never have too many.

For some reason Cornelia has decided to make her dust bath in the 'old' girls' eglu! Every time I am not looking, she is in there throwing aubiose all over the place. She loves it! Excuse the state of the nest box - pre cleaning out.

They have all been laying well and we regularly get 4 and 5 egg days now. Mum and Dad came over on Sunday and went away with 5 boxes of eggs. It is lovely to have eggs everywhere and I will never tire of the sight of them all lined up in boxes ready for sale. It is like having a full log store or fridge, which I have mentioned before. I am convinced I was a hunter/gatherer in a past life! ;0)

I managed to pick up some material in a second hand shop. Very 'Laura Ashley' floral print, which I am not usually into, but this is nice stuff. 2 square metres for £2. Have already made some small bags with it and some natural calico and they look very summery. Nice to pop little presents in.

Off to have a quick nap before dinner as I was up at 4 this morning *shock horror*

Enjoy the sunny weather!

C x x

Friday, March 06, 2009

Rustic crafting?

After a few days off sick with, erm, lets just say tummy trouble to be polite, I am now on days off. 2 days of dry toast and ryvitas, the new pumpkin ones - lovely, my tummy is nearly back to normal!!

Jase joined the local gym earlier and came back aching. He had his induction today and came home a little shaky! I'm sure he will get used to it after a few visits. I am lucky, in that I am blessed with a perfect figure and don't need to exercise. *cough* Some would say the physique of a badger.

I have had a really nice day today. Spent most of it in the garden. :0) Decided to cut back the privet hedge in the chicken area, as it was getting a little wild. The girls had great fun, stripping the leaves and jumping on piles of branches.

Agnes and Cornelia having a root around -

There were so many branches that I made a few plant supports for the lupins and foxgloves.

They were a bit fiddly to make, but I am rather impressed with the rustic look of them. Need to make several more, as all the lupins are starting to come up.

I went to Lidl yesterday (dark glasses and headscarf as always) and bought these little seeds trays. 4 for £4.88, bargain!

Quite a few seeds still to plant and am itching to get them in. I usually start too early and end up with a house full of leggy seedlings.

The buttons for wedding favours arrived in the post today, so I can get cracking with those soon. 40 to make, but have a bit of time still. I will take the buttons and wire with me on trips and make them whilst away. Need to get hold of some lilac raffia to tie a bow to each one and then I am done. As the meerkat says 'simples'!

We have had 2 x 5 egg days this week!! Poor little Laverne has retired as she hasn't laid for over a year now. I think it is unlikely that she will lay again. She seems happy enough, apart from a slightly dodgy tummy. I gave her some bokashi bran with her porridge (what do you mean spoilt)? this afternoon. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

I will leave you with a picture of Winifred!

The fire is dying down now and I am exhausted. Really should go to bed soon as have been writing this on and off since 8pm.
It is now 11pm, so night night all.

C x x