Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en

Hello All.

Busy day today, by 10am i had visited a friend and had my hair cut. Jase is on his way home after not being used from stand by at the airport. Going to cook pork schnitzel, chips, brocolli and gravy for dinner and light a fire.

The girls are fine and i have had two eggs this morning from Laverne and Shirley. Babs probably won't lay again, the little freeloader! I spent a good hour taking the eglu apart and giving it a really good scrub for winter. Took the run apart and cleaned that too!
I had to leave it for 2 mins to answer the 'phone and when i came back there were several little muddy chicken footprints all over the base! Shirley always has to be where you are and get in the way, bless her! After a sprinkling of red mite powder (it smells lovely - i think i am becoming addicted) and the lid back on, Shirley ran inside and laid an egg. What a good girl!

Will be carving a little pumpkin later and need to get a few treats incase the girls from down the lane come around this evening.
More on Hallowe'en -

'The term Halloween (and its alternative rendering Hallowe'en) is shortened from All-hallow-even, as it is the eve of "All Hallows' Day", also which is now known as All Saints' Day. It was a day of religious festivities in various northern European Pagan traditions'

The joys of Google!!

Back to work on the 11th of November so still have plenty of time off. Lucky really, as the job list is getting bigger by the day.

I decided not to bake two smaller Christmas cakes as the tins were £10 each and i was being mean. So at 9pm, I started cooking the big Nigella Christmas cake. Really easy and by 10 minutes past midnight (why don't i start these things at a reasonable time)? it came out of the oven smelling gorgeous. It's all wrapped up now, ready for decorating in a couple of months.

Here is a little Hallowe'en picture for you all. Chicken related, of course!!

Hope you all sleep well tonight, don't have nightmares. Whoooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

C x x

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  1. Me nightmares - not when you are a witch

    Glad to see you have lots of time off - to relax and play and cook of course.


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