Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And Then There Were Five?

Feel much better today and we had a leisurely breakfast, then got on with things. I popped to the shops and picked up a couple of Christmas pressies. Jase got some bark for the garden and had his haircut.

We were sitting in the kitchen and he said, out of the blue, "Should we get a couple more chickens"?
After picking myself off the floor, taking a seat before my legs gave way again, I said "ok".
I can't believe it. He was so adamant that we weren't getting any more, after Babs was ill last time. We discussed it and we are now getting a new eglu and 3 new chickens.

I dashed outside, with tape measure in hand and we can fit a new eglu in the chicken area. It also makes it easier to introduce the newbies. Without a second to spare I was on the phone to Jan at Omlet HQ and have reserved an orange eglu, which should compliment the blue one really well.
The only dilemma is what type of chickens to get??

I am still in shock and keep thinking that this is all a dream. I will wake up and is all been a horrible nightmare. That is why I am writing this, so there is written proof. I am so cynical!!

We have agreed that this will be our Christmas Present to eachother, although I feel that he has got a bum deal. He is happy if I am. Bless him. What a guy. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful person. I don't say it often enough.

Enough of that mushy stuff ;0)

Here is a pic of the sloe gin I made last week.

The colour is amazing, really dark red. Last year's batch took weeks to change colour. I'm hoping the flavour will match.
Well, my friends are hoping the flavour will match. Nearly 5 years sans alcohol for me!!!!

Well its 7.40pm now and 3 degrees C. Fire and heating are on, so i'm not doing my bit to save the Planet, but its freezing here. I'm sure its colder here than it was in my last place. Then again, we don't have as many neighbours, buildings, etc near us to hold the heat in. Just fields, fields and more fields, Bliss.

Speak soon

C x x x
(the happy chicken boy)


  1. Can i have a j**** too?

    I want a Eglu ! :)

    He is a sweetie isnt he!!!

    Love L x

  2. Such good news - I was going to suggest it as a Christmas pressie then thought better of it.

    I thought you would have gone for a cube, then gradually introduced the girls then sold the Eglu.


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