Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Lodger......

A glorious day yesterday and was very tempted to wear shorts.  Couldn't inflict my lily white legs on the chickens though.  

Did quite a lot of
planting and managed to repot the tomatoes and  plant out the peas.  Beetroot went in, as did my sweetpea seedlings.  Bit early for the sweetpeas but they should be ok.  Had lots of pea seeds left so planted another 20 or so in pots.  Must remember to sow little and often as that is my down fall.

Like a crazed lunatic, I decided to start digging out a new bed for the front/side garden.  You may remember the path I dug at the side of the garage last year.  Well, on what I think was the warmest day this year, I set to it!  With trusty mattock in hand and some rather fetching B&Q wellies, I started hacking away at the turf!!  

3 hours later, sweat dripping off nose, soil in inconceivable places and a fused spine, it is done.  Well the digging is.  6 wheel barrow loads of reclaimed bricks from the paddock behind the house - I am allowed to take them- I just need to edge the bed and get plants tomorrow.  

I have a pear tree bought from Lidl last year that is doing well in a pot, but will plant that out.  The bed will be 'Country cottage' style, with some veggies thrown in for good measure.  No matter how much garden you have, you always need more in my opinion.  Off to the garden centre with my car seats down I think.....they still have lupins and foxgloves.  Need another climbing support for some beans as well as sweetpeas. 

Forgot to mention that I got an early birthday pressie from Mum and Dad.  3 potato sacks and 15 seed potatoes!!!  All planted up and ready to go now.
I will keep topping up the soil as the potatoes grow.  They even have a velcro flap on the side, to open the bags up at harvest time!

We have a blackbird nesting in our log store!  I saw the nest a few days ago when I was stacking logs.  SO far 4 beautiful eggs and a very dedicated Mrs Blackbird.  Mr Blackbird returns every 30 minutes or so to feed his Wife!  You can just see her tail sticking out of the nest.  

3 eggs today, as Winifred had a day off and Laverne is on strike.  She seems happy enough, but maybe she is just getting old.  I have upped her calcium uptake and we shall see.  She gave us so many eggs last year, she deserves a break. 

Off to have a bath now and soothe my weary bones.

C x x x 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

'I am ready for my close up'

Been a busy bee this week, work and at home.

Finished my week with a trip and was desperately looking forward to my 11 days off.  As always.  The 1 week off/3 weeks on pattern is wonderful, but 2/2 would be better *wink*  There just aren't enough hours in the day.  

Did a hen course last weekend.  Ilene and her partner Phil took several pictures using a superduper hi-tech camera!  Will post some pictures later.  Did a course today and Winifred was an angel as always.  Even when I showed the group her vent!

Potatoes are on the hob, boiling away for the cottage pie to be finished off.  More batch cooking for the week.  Made hobnobs, scones and a cake for the course today that went down well.

Jase went away for 3 days today, so will chill out later with my magazines for some 'me' time.  I am told I never relax and it is true.  I rarely sit and chill.  Always things to do.  I really must learn to switch off  (he says looking at the lawn that needs mowing)!!  

The fire is stacked and ready to light for this evening.  TV will remain off and I will chill out.  

Here is the first picture Ilene sent me - 

'Copyright 2008 Ilene Sterns'

Many believe I have a career as a hand model! Lets not take the spotlight away from Shirley. After several hours in 'feathers & make up' she looks stunning!!
The others didn't want to be left out of the limelight and decided to have a make over too!

'Waiting for Salad'

'Copyright 2008 Ilene Sterns'

A HUGE thank you to Ilene and Phil for the pictures!

The veggie garden needs some serious attention. I have repositioned the strawberry plants and interplanted with spinach, as the two grow well together apparently. Carrots have been sown between the garlic to knock the carrot fly off the scent. My onions are doing well in pots, ready to be planted out as soon as I plan the garden for this year.

Tomatoes are growing well, as are the peas in the shed. I really must get out there and start planning. Ordered some seeds from the which should be here in a couple of days. Was really warm today so I managed to get some basil and nasturtiums planted up.

Been faffing around for so long that it is now 9pm! I started writing this at 5! Ok, hit the publish button! Night night All!!

C x

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The dalmatians?

Mortimer the Mini was due for a service yesterday. His 30,000 mile one. He is getting on now the poor old boy. After staring at the dust covered mats and filthy interior for long enough, I dragged out the hoover and jet powerwasherthingmejig. He came up a treat, but somehow I managed to cut my hand. Not sure how, but didn't notice until i was dripping blood on the newly polished bonnet.

That evening, I noticed my left hand had a blue tint, like it was really cold. Didn't think much of it to be honest. Same yesterday. Jase jumped on Google and did a search. I wish he hadn't.

Ranging from Raynaud's phenomenon, *shock - don't know what it is but sounds scary*, to left ventricle disorder of the heart. I told him I would see a Doctor next week if it was still the same.

Whilst waiting for the garage to call, we popped into Salisbury to do some shopping. Lakeland was beckoning. 6 le Parfait jars and 12 1/2 pounders for jams and jellies. I would hate to run out of jars (me winning the London marathon, running backwards with my laces tied together is more likely)!! *wink*

Picked up Mortimer from the garage and he is flying!!! My nippy little mini is back! AND they washed him! Typical, could have saved myself the bother.

Clare came over about 7pm and had dinner and a chat. She is still asleep. Think the bottle of vin rouge and 2 cans of Carling helped.

I mentioned my hand to her and she started laughing! Cheeky mare, I could have a rare condition affecting my digit colour and she is laughing!

"Are those new jeans you are wearing"? She said. The penny dropped. Dark blue jeans. Hands in pockets. Dye on hand!!!
I am an idiot. At least i won't have to parade around a la Michael 'one glove' Jackson to hide my abnormality!!

Girls are fine, let them out and found the 'remains' of an egg in the nest box. A softie, probably laid by Laverne and 5 guilty looking chickens. Winifred even had a smudge of egg yolk on her beak...........naughtly hens! Will give them a thorough clean out today as have a hen course tomorrow at 10.30. Check in for Paris at 7pm tomorrow night. Yuck.

This is my 101st post, hence the title!!!

Thanks for reading.


C x x x

Sunday, April 06, 2008

you want fries with that?

Arrived in Madrid at lunchtime and headed out to the shops.  23 degrees and tshirt weather.  The Spanish were in their winter coats, scarves and gloves.  They must have thinner blood than us Brits.  

Found a pair of jeans and tried on 15+ tops, all looked a little too figure hugging for my liking.   A zepplin in a condom springs to mind.  What is it with 'stretch' fabric these days??  Oh god, I sound old.  

Walked back to the hotel, basking in the sun.  Avoided McDonalds, as i thought after the recent shopping nightmare it was wise.  Filet-o-fish was calling me, but I resisted.  Just.

Went to bed at a reasonable time and was woken by 3 Americans screaming outside my door.  They weren't being attacked, just being loud and brash.   I threw open my door and yelled at them to shut up.  I wasn't happy.  A bloke shouting at you at 2am in boxers shorts, tshirt and 'big hair' terrified them.  The fact that I was squinting at them, as had forgotten my glasses, didn't help.  Must have been quite scary.  Tough.  

Pick up in 2.5 hours............

"Snow"?? I said, as the Captain made his announcement, welcoming passengers on the flight.  "It'll be a couple of flakes on the control tower and Heathrow will grind to a halt"!!!  
I was wrong.  
When we came through the clouds the countryside was covered in pure white fluffiness!  Shame I didn't have my camera handy.  

We landed into Terminal 1 so all should have been easy.  Wrong again.  No steps.  Correction, 2 sets of steps, but 'elf and safety said they were too dangerous as were covered in snow.  How this country became a superpower is beyond me? 

The Milan flight was cancelled so here I am, back at home!!!!  Always the best nightstop.  
Jase is on a Rome and back, due to take off at 12.40.  Last heard from him at the report centre at 2pm......who knows what is going on??  

5 eggs today and the girls are wandering around their 'garden'.  It was once lush with grass, but is now barked as they ate it all.   I gave them a handful of mixed corn and left them scratching away happily.   Might treat them to spinach later.  

Update, Jase's flight is now showing 3pm take off!  Its going to be a late one for him.  I find out at 6pm what I am now doing tomorrow.  Something vile no doubt.

Off for a nap as I can't believe I was up at 3.25 this morning and I still have the energy to type without falling asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................