Monday, November 05, 2007

Goodbye Miss Babs

On the 21st July 2006, Roy from Omlet arrived in his van. After unloading the eglu and run and a mysterious wooden box, he leaned on the fence and drank his coffee. When finished, he slid open the box and handed me a ginger chicken. Miss Babs. I trimmed her wing and put her in the run. She was the first chicken I had ever held. She was a cutie. Such a character. She was the big boss of my little 'peep of chickens'.

Over the next few months, she rewarded us with small but delicious eggs. Chris, the Postie, always liked hers best.

She was the first into everything, the first to escape from their 'chicken area' into the veggie garden. The first to escape from the veggie garden into the main garden. Aloof at times and a bugger to catch, but always interested in what you were doing.

I would like to say that Babs, Laverne and Shirley have given me so much pleasure over the past 18 months. I really enjoy keeping chickens and could not imagine life without them now. They bring life to a garden and eggs to the kitchen. Whenever i open the back door, there is an excited 'bawk' from one of them, eagerly expecting some sort of treat.
I hope Laverne and Shirley don't miss her too much, I know I will.

RIP Babs


  1. Sleep well little Babs. You'll be sadly missed, and we'll remember you always.


  2. I felt really sad when I read this. I know you were being brave when you told me about her and I know you will remember all her cute ways. There have been lots of sad times when any of our pets have died but it is always good to remember that they all had a good life with our family.

  3. So sorry to hear that Babs passed over.

    She had a wonderful life with you both and lots of fun.

    Sadly hybrids do not have a long life - but be comforted in the fact that you are giving them a good life in the true meaning.

    I missed mine when they passed too - but remember them now without sadness - but pride that they had as best a life as they could possibly have - and with lots of photos and memories - it really helps

  4. Oh reading that has made me cry.

    I cant believe babs has gonr to live in heaven :(

    You say you were lucky to have her, but she was lucky to have you as an owner.

    You looked after her so well.

    Hope your ok. Laura x


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