Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Mad Chicken Professor?

All was well with the hens this morning.  They appeared rested and were gorging on layers pellets when I opened the run door this morning.   Not a sleepless, dark circle under the eyes to be seen.  Well, not on the chickens anyway!   I woke up, throat feeling like a cheese grater.  Cotton wool brain and numb fingers, which was odd.

We went to Waitrose for a big shop and half way round, I had had enough.  Even with the Christmas stock to tempt me.  Will go back, alone, when I'm feeling better.   We now have enough food in the house to last for weeks, so bring on the snow!  The log basket is full.  Let Mother nature do her worse, we have enough houmous.

Not long after getting the original girls, I mentioned to Jase about running a course on chicken keeping.  Just the basics, you know, cleaning, care, feeding, eggs etc.  I hadn't given it much thought until recently.  Omlet are looking for keen eglu owners to run mini chicken keeping courses from their own homes and I have signed up!!  

My first course is planned for the 8th of December and i am really looking forward to it.  2 hours talking chicken, what bliss!  Jase says he needs to get me a barbour jacket and Indiana Jones' hat to really look the part.  Cheeky sod.  Do I need to think of a country bumpkin accent to use for the talk now?  I can't wait.  I have one person booked so far, which isn't bad as my course wasn't announced until 11pm last night!

Need to sort out the course details.  Will try and inject humour in the talk, people already think i'm mad so will have to tone that down a bit!
I hope it goes well.  It is amazing how much you pick up in a short space of time.  Will delight in talking hens to a group of like minded people!  

For more details, click on the title of this post!  ;0)


  1. Hey babe, havent checked this out for a while; very good and I think the idea of you doing 'chicken Care Classes' is excellent! Great idea; you are very inventive, let me know how it goes xx

  2. hey Christian, wonderful to hear youre doing "hen parties"! Thats great news I hope youre first one goes well. Hope to fly with you soon for another installment of chicken tales! Llwella x


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