Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One more day..

Good evening everyone.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the lovely messages of support. The past couple of weeks have been very difficult for me. I know that everything will be ok, but there is always that nagging doubt sitting on my shoulder. Enough now, on with the blogging!

The Appleshaw fair was last Saturday. A lovely little village, just a couple of miles away. The fair itself wasn't that busy, but it was lovely sitting in the sun on the Village green, absorbing the atmosphere. I really like that village.

I've had time in the veggie garden this week. Things were really bad in there. I have neglected it all winter, so there was a fair it to do.

I started with the long bed. Dug up more bamboo! The roots go on for miles, but I got most of them. Mange tout and purple podded French beans planted. Couldn't resist the beans, being purple, they just had to be planted!

Next was the shallots and carrot bed. I have never grown carrots that successfully, but those that did manage to get to the plate were perfect, albeit small. No carrot root fly in sight, so the companion planting works well!!

I still have loads of seedlings in the mini greenhouse. I simply cannot plant one or two seeds. It has to be a tray. Or two. Sometimes three. The seedlings are so cute. Is there something wrong with that sentence? I think there might be, but putting tiny little round seeds into dirt and watching them grow is amazing. Who knows what I am going to do with 48 pak choi plants. The Chinese takeaway down the road might want some!

Not sure if I have posted a picture of our bench before? Our neighbour made it for us a few years ago as a Christmas pressie. It is tucked away in the garden and is more decorative than practical, but I love the way mushrooms are growing on it! It fits in really well in the corner and brought back happy memories for me today.

Whilst Jase was painting the utility room skirting boards today (he always gets the best jobs)!!!, I finished off an order for my crayon rolls. 2 little initials finished now, so I can post them off.

It was a tad chilly this morning, but having been in shorts all week, I didn't want to put jeans on again. My 6pm, we were freezing, so lit he fire. Daft when it have been 26C all week, but needs must. Had a small dinner as my appetite hasn't been that good all week. I have lost nearly a stone which, trust me, isn't a bad thing, but I do need to start eating again properly soon. Returning to work on Thursday, so will be thinking about decent packed lunches again.

The girls are all laying well, usually 3-4 eggs a day. Cornelia keeps threatening to go broody and it is only a matter of time before she does. Little piles of mottled black feathers keep appearing in the nest box. The occasional weird squawk from the chicken area......all bad signs. No doubt she will wait until Jase and I are at work, before she clamps here mighty bulk to the nest box!

I can't stop making the felt badges!! I got some more lovely felt from Quilter's dream last week, so have cut out a few more badges.

The fire has died down now, so time to sign off and head up to bed. Only one more day before I head back to the dizzying heights of Heathrow airport again. What a joy! Thanks again for reading!

C x x x

Friday, April 22, 2011

A bit of sun

OK, can't dwell on this, so thought it time to update with some nice pictures! The weather has been glorious all week, so here is hoping it continues.

Firstly, the Appleshaw Plant and Spring Fair is tomorrow! I planted up pots and pots of runner and french bean seeds, to sell at a pound a pot. So far there is evidence of ONE seed having germinated. I can't sell pots of soil and a plant label, can I??? Never mind!

I finished off several sets of red, white and blue bunting for the fair!

I have potted up lots of strawberry runners to sell at 50p a pot. They are Cambridge I think!

Out and about last week and we needed some bits from Homebase. I couldn't leave this poor little pot of Mangetout to get thrown away. With a bit of TLC and some seaweed solution, they are all doing quite well now.

I simply cannot be trusted when seed packets are on a 3 for 2. I know, I know, bad, but will brighten up the garden when they grow!

Thanks for all the lovely comments you have sent me. Really special. WIll leave you with a little picture of the blossom on my pear tree. It is starting to drop now and the pears are forming. Will be a bumper crop this year I think!

C x x x

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Difficult time for me at the moment, so won't be around much.

My life has taken an unexpected turn. I am single again after 7 years with a lovely man.

I will be back!

C x x x

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Possibly another addiction

March has flown by and here we are in April already! Had a busy few days at work and at home. Just tomorrow off now and then back to work for 4 days. *whispers* I then have 13 days off!!!!

I spent a wonderful day in Copenhagen last week and discovered a shop just minutes from the hotel!

It sells an array of gorgeous things! Mainly garden related, but one of those places where you could (well I certainly could) spend hours looking at everything! I was particularly taken with the tins. I think I may have a tin problem!

Jase and I have been pottering in the garden. Garage and shed painted, plum and ornamental cherry pruned back and I gave the outbuilding a lick of 'Hunter's green'.

I picked up a couple of oil lamps for emergency power cuts! So cheap I couldn't resist! Need to find clear lamp oil now, so will pop into Town tomorrow and have a look in the hardware shop.

I have also been invited to attend the Appleshaw Plant sale and Spring fair on the 23rd of April! Preps are now under way to get organised for that. I have been asked to bring my eglu along to show it off as the organiser thinks it will be really popular! Now I need to think about what to take along that is springy (maybe a made up Christian word)?? Need to get a garden gazebo as it is an outdoor event. Argos has one and I have vouchers, so will get it tomorrow. Sunday is a good day to go shopping in Town. Most are still asleep, so I can potter around without the usual people stopping randomly in front of me! Oooh, how I hate that. People should be fitted with indicators and brake lights! Enough ranting now.

Time I headed to bed, another sunny day forecast tomorrow and i have seeds to plant.

C x x x

p.s If you are reading this Lauren, you bag is in the post!