Saturday, November 17, 2007

Too Many Eggs In One Basket??

Jase was up early today, so I decided to get up with him. By 7am, i had stripped the bed, done the washing and tidied the kitchen. Once it was light, I let the girls out. Laverne and Shirley were straight back to the alarm calls, warding off the new comers! So glad next door are away for the weekend.
The new girls came out slowly, then, remembering where the food was, dived straight into their breakfast. I wasn't expecting any eggs for a while, but there was one in the nest box. Clever girl!, Whoever it was.

Next job was the shed. Nightmare. I can't blame Jason for the mess as he only goes in there to get chicken food. After a hour or so, it was looking better. Lots of rubbish in the bin and hundreds of old flower pots moved to the garage, ready for next years seedlings.

By lunchtime, i was exhausted. Then I heard squawking. Shirley was eyeing up the new girls through the run again. Elsbeth was in the eglu, clucking contently. I creep out of the area and left her to it. 10 minutes later, she 'announced' that an egg had been laid. Similar noise to Laverne, but much quieter! Egg number 2!!!

By 3.30 all was quiet and i prepared some porridge to warm their cold tummies ready for bed. Don't laugh, they love it!

Prudence was in the eglu laying an egg!!!!! I am so pleased that they are ok and feel comfortable enough to lay!

The one thing I had to stop, was Winifred sleeping in the nest box. Laverne and Shirley used to take it in turns. Not a problem. Apart from the large poo that greeted me every morning!!!!!
I put a flower pot in the nest this evening and have just been out to check that they are all ok. The flower pot is in the run. Winifred is in the nest. Smug look on her face!!!

Will leave you with this picture tonight. It really made me smile.

Left to right -
Winifred, Prudence and Elsbeth :0)

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