Sunday, October 23, 2011

on the move.....


Moving date set for the 28th of October. Still waiting for work to give me the day off.......*rolls eyes*

Bramble Cottage will soon be mine. So excited, but a little bit scared and sad. The end of an era, but the start of something new. I hope I will be happy there.

Our buyer is going on holiday, so won't be moving in for a couple of weeks. I have decided to leave the hens here for a couple of extra days (cheeky, yes, but she won't know)!! At least then I have a few days to set up the run etc and to try and make the move as stress free for them as possible.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support over the past few months.

As soon as I can, I'll post pictures and update you all about my new home :0)

C x x

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christmas Fair...

Just wanted to post a little reminder for anyone that might be local.......come along and say hello!. It is a lovely little fair and very festive! Parkers chocolate shop is well worth a visit and there are loads of usual present ideas in the various shops and stalls!

Mention my blog when you come and visit me and I might even drop a few extras in your bag! ;0)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Can you tell what it is yet?

Well, not a lot going on here. Frantic calls to Estate agents, that are not being returned. No news from Solicitors - apart from the fact that our buyer STILL hasn't received her mortgage offer. My sellers are now starting to panic, so hopefully between all of us things should start moving when we start hassling the solicitors again. It seems strange that there is no urgency, as the sooner we complete, the sooner all involved get paid. You would think they would want that asap........

Christmas season has hit the shops! Yay!! I love it! It started with this, tucked away on the bottom shelf of Co op -

I love the simple Scandi look and fancy this for my house -

(which ever house that may be! No, think positively Christian)!

It started me off on a rollercoaster of Christmas this week. Firstly, cute little felt stockings for the tree -

2 pieces of felt, a couple of buttons and a simple blanket stitch all the way around. I have made 10 so far, just sat watching tv of an evening.

With Christmas carols playing in the office, there was no stopping me. I started on a lovely idea I saw on a blog last year, but can't remember where. Jase managed to sort the printer out and I printed these off onto card stock.

With the addition of red fleece -

(The chocolate is part of the finished item, not just a mid craft snack for me)! I will show you next time what I created! Keep guessing!

I went to Quilter's Dream last week and came back with a good stash of Christmas fabric.

The plan is to make mini bunting for the mantle piece to sell at the fair in November. Couldn't resist the blue flowery fabric - will make shopping bags with that.

The red and white fabric is stunning, although very expensive. I love Tilda fabric and designs, but it is so pricey. This was the last piece they had, so I made a few stockings out of it - along with my gorgeous fabric from Copenhagen.

I sold quite a few traditional 'sock' stockings last year and must admit that I prefer them to the other kind. Something oldy worldy about them.

Elsbeth and Agnes are still laying. Pru was very vocal last week - as she is being now - and to my surprise she laid an egg! A long torpedo egg as we call it. Cornelia is still dropping feathers everywhere, but has started eating more and rushing to the mixed corn in the late afternoon. The weather is turning now and the trees have started to drop their leaves. Not long before we start with frost in the morning.....

I mentioned the berries at the side of the house. An overgrown something-or-other bush, can't remember the name. Well, this time last year it had loads of berries and I warned Jase that it meant a harsh winter. Look at it this year!

It is going to be bad, the bushes know! They are providing food for the birds. Trust me.

The veggie garden is past it now. I think the temperature must have dropped quite low the other night, as my beans and potato plants are no more. I did manage to dig up the last handful of carrots - a stump ended variety, that did very well this year.

The rest of the garden I will just leave now. It is all dying back and after the aggro that our buyer has put us through (whether intentional or not), I refuse to tidy things up for her. I might still plant up some strawberry runners if I get a chance though.

At the weekend, we went to Basingstoke's Haymarket Theatre, to see The Eva Cassidy Story. It was so sad....but brilliant done. During the interval, I nipped to the toilet and got carried away humming one of the songs. When I came out of the cubicle, there was a man there, lucky for me, I spotted a hearing aid, so didn't worry too much. As I washed my hands, he came over to me and said, 'You can carry a tune well' I was mortified.

Last day off today - back in for 4 days. Starting with a stand by at 7.40 tomorrow morning. Mad rush to get all the jobs done that I should have done all week. Washing, ironing, packing, hen cleaning (the coop, not the hens) and calling estate agents, solicitors and removal companies. It is exhausting this moving lark. At least the sun is out today. I am sure I will be in the new house by November. I bloody well hope so!

I have been asked to write a chicken keeping guide, so that is keeping me busy. Great, as I can work from home, it's just the timing that is causing me problems. I love writing and it is nice to have a project to work on, but right now I am up to my armpits in chaos. I will get it done, as there is no immediate deadline. Nice to drop in and out and update as and when I can. Still waiting for that elusive magazine article that I want to write. One day maybe.

Better dash, hens are a-calling....might mean some eggs for me!

C x x

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Is it October?

It's a heat wave! 28C according to my weather station. Am I right? It IS October isn't it? *confused* Been wearing shorts for two days now.

Right then, we din't exchange contracts last week. Looks like we will do next week, but won't complete until the 21st of October and even that is pushing it. I am tempted to say the 28th now, as that will be my part time week again!

Felt dodgy all day yesterday/today. Weird stomach cramps - think it might just be nerves about the move etc, but not sure. Eating makes it worse, so just drinking lots and hoping it will pass. It got so bad last night that I went to bed at 9pm! Unheard of! Not ideal, but I will at least lose some weight. Been stuck at the 12/7 barrier for a while now......

Spent yesterday sewing Christmas stockings as you do. I am really pleased with them. They are long like old socks, more of a traditional stocking, as I sold out last year. You can just see one Here

WIth some of the money I made at the Michaelmas fair, I went to Quilter's Dream yesterday and bought some Christmassy fabric to start making mini bunting. £40 and a bag of lovely fabric & ribbons later, I set to work with Christmas carols playing on my laptop. Shame that it was 25 degrees C outside! A frost covered garden would have been more appropriate!

I forgot to post a picture of the Merry-go-round horses from the Michaelmas fair! So here you go!

There was also a new Florists at the Fairground Centre. She has set up her shop in an old Shepherd's hut which is absolutely stunning! Small but perfectly formed with bunting around the top. The Fairground needs a Florist and I am sure that I will be a regular customer.

Time for another dose of peppermint tea (if it is good for you, why do I retch with every mouthful)?? then back to the stockings!

C x x