Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gusting 70mph!!!!!

Well, am off for 7 days now!!!!  Got up at 5am with Jason, and had cleaned the bathroom,  fed the chickens, white wash in and dishwasher sorted by 7.30.  Am now washed, dressed and contemplating what to do today.
The Christmas cards still need to be written.  Later.
The met office have issued a severe weather warning for the South today.  Due to hit by 10am. Judging by the wind already blowing a gale, its going to be bad.  Need to take down the patio umbrella but its too heavy to lift on my own.  Its about 3 metres tall and being a hobbit, i can't get it out of the table!!!!  Damn my short legs.

I let the girls out and topped up their food.  Prudence was sitting in the nest box so i left her to it.  Shirley and Laverne's eglu is full of dark brown feathers.  Poor Shirley is seriously moulting.  She is starting to look like a well loved rag doll.  Thread bare and bitty.  Will give her some tuna later to up her protein in take.  

Just noticed we have 5 egg boxes full of eggs (what else would they be full of)?!?  Will need to give some away.  Should have had eggs for breakfast this morning, but couldn't face cooking.  3 slices of toast with peanut butter and 4 cups of tea have done the trick!

We had a log delivery yesterday and I was fortunate enough to be at work.  Jason wasn't so fortunate and had to stack them!  Bless him.  We should have enough for a few weeks, but I do love lighting fires (seeking help) and the log store doesn't last long.  
Right, off to get the garden wind proof and lock things away.  Its raining and miserable outside. Will look glam in my wellies.  

Mum and Dad came over with Andy and Charlie and the children.  Just as they arrived, a gust of wind blew my small green house over and wrecked all my seedlings!!!  I have been growing winter salad, penstemon cuttings, sweet peas seedlings and lots of other bits in there for 2 months!   All ruined.  I was raging.  The air was blue.  I had to moderate my mouth as the children had just arrived.   Still raging 4 hours later.

Went to lock the girls in this evening and Prudence is definitely preferring Laverne and Shirley's dwelling to her own......I couldn't face picking her out and moving her as the rain lashed my face.  I don't mind so much when I am here, but the point is, the 3 girls should have the larger run when we are away.  
2 eggs today c/o Winifred and Prudence.  Laverne has given up for a while, Shirley is tatty lady and Elsbeth laid late yesterday so had today off.   

Off to cook a roast now as Jason should be home soon.  His flight was delayed 2 hours due to strong wind at Heathrow.  Long day for him, but he has just called and is making his way home now.    

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  1. Hey Christian - good to read you blog and keep update - if you pop into Compass with a basket of eggs I will always buy some from you...hope you are well, Philip


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