Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nice in Nice?

I woke up at 5am yesterday and dragged my sorry butt out of bed. It was pitch black outside, which is something I am still getting used to, living in the country. At my old house, there were always street lights and light pollution from the nearby Town. Here it is total darkness unless the moon is out.

I got ready and, with mug of tea in hand, (those travel mugs for the car are a fab invention) wrapped up in a fleece, i headed for the car. Traffic was murder! I made it to work with 15 mins to spare. Not long enough. I like to chill out with a tea and ciggie before i head off to the briefing room.

Lovely crew. I knew everyone which is rare. Shame the Purser had a fetish for carrying a tray at all times. “I can’t stand to see crew with handfuls of rubbish in the cabin, use a tray” Get a life more like.

The flight was bumpy but ok, the walk through the terminal wasn’t. 30 minute walk to get to the crew bus!!!!!! Madrid is not my favourite place in the world, but we went out for tapas and a bit of shopping.

Wake up was at 03.45 this morning. No, that isn’t a typo. 03.45!!!!!!!! Flew back to London and am now in Nice for the night. Thats NICE not nice. It isn’t nice. The people are vile on the flight. All Brits with homes abroad, thinking they should be in Business class but won’t pay the fare. Asking for sandwiches with brown bread not white. This isn’t a restaurant, its a plane!!!!!!
Holidaying with the children they never see at home, unable to control them without a nanny. The Parents haven’t got a clue. Its quite sad really.

Passenger - "I can't eat chicken. I'm a vegetarian"
Me - "Would you like a vegetarian sandwich instead"?
Passenger - "Yes". No manners.
Me - "here you are, cheese and tomato'
Passenger - "I can't eat this it has onion in it, give me the chicken sandwich back"
So a vegetarian that eats chicken, but doesn't like onions. IF YOU ARE VEGETARIAN YOU DON'T EAT MEAT!!!

I can't help but roll my eyes. Little precious Princess.

My life is sooo glam. I spent Sunday painting the brickwork outside, in an attempt to stop the damp in the utility room. Trying to dodge the drips of noxious chemicals falling from the paint brush. Gave the house a quick blitz, filled up the girls food and water and packed my case for this trip. Its amazing how much crap I carry around Europe with me. But its nice to have your own things around you when you travel.

Went to bed at ten to Seven (pm) and dreamt of trays!

Beautiful weather here, sun is shining, birds singing and the traffic is loud outside my window. Just one flight home tomorrow then off to Brussels and back at 05.40am on Thursday. The main road to work is closed all night, so i will have to master the country lanes at 3 in the morning. Not renowned for my navigation skills. Will probably get to work around 10am!! Have 10 days off after that, so don't care.

Bye for now

C x

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  1. Glad you made it for your Brussels otherwise we would have both missed out on our business opportunity!! Luvin the sweetcorn, it's making my mouth water... and as for your girls, Babs looks so cute. Nice to put a name to a face. Nice to fly with you again. You've got my e-mail so have a think and let me know xx



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