Monday, October 22, 2007

Dressing Gown Gardener

Woke up early again today, without setting the alarm. Thats a worry. I could happily sleep until 10.30 unless woken. Decided to get up and crack straight on. Still too dark to let the hens out, so had a leisurely breakfast and several cups of tea. When the sun came up over the long field, I dashed across the garden to let them out. Started pulling up a few weeds for them to munch on and ended up weeding most of the veggie plot in my dressing gown and green crocs. Neighbours know I'm mad, so not too worried. Later I went into town to post a parcel, visited the kitchen shop (lovely bits and pieces) and then headed home.

Gave the girls some corn for breakfast as it was freezing, something to warm their little tummies. The new plants in the garden didn't suffer from the frost last night!!

Only of the newly planted beds -

A friend popped over for coffee, then i set about wrapping the Christmas puddings and mince meat jars! Just need to print the labels and then i'm done! Will post pictures soon.

Did some potting up and planted out the window boxes for some winter colour. Cyclamen look lovely but frost hardy they are not! Managed to get some heucheras from the farmer's market and they look really good. She assured me they can tolerate temperatures down to -20. Judging by the north wind that is blowing at the moment, we will get to test her promise!

Had dinner and blitzed the house quickly, The cobwebs are starting to drive me mad! They are everywhere. Not good for Jase as he hates spiders. At least it saves him going to a shrink for therapy. Just spend a few hours in this house and your phobia is cured.

Heading for bed in a bit as have to be up at 4am tomorrow. 4 flights, finishing at 6.15 tomorrow night. That should really do my back some good. Bag is packed, nurofen at the ready, lemsip and lip balm as its cold season! Once tomorrow is over I only have 3 more days until i'm off for a while!!!!!

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  1. Garden's looking great - will be thinking of you tomorrow - on the positive side you won't have time to spend any more money!

    Lemsip and lip balm hmmmmmmmmm!


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