Friday, October 05, 2007


Got up today at 5.15am as Jase was off to work early. Thought i'd make use of the extra hours so did washing, tidying etc. Popped into Town for food shopping, the latest magazines and to get petrol. Was delighted to find this years 'Christmas Magazine' already available. 2,000 ways to make this Christmas the best ever!! Shame I might be working!
The shop staff were busily stacking shelves with wrapping paper, cards, decs and chocolates. Was tempted to buy an advent calendar, but Jase says i'm 33 and they are for children. Spoil sport. (Seen a lovely Lindt one, will get it soon)!

Town was full of old people dressed in shorts. Its OCTOBER. It was 4.4 degrees this morning when Jase left the house. Mind you, the washing is out on the line and drying nicely!

On my way back to the car, trolley full to the brim, i bumped into a guy dressed as Batman and a girl with huge butterfly wings and a wand. I thought it best not to ask.

I am a great believer in lists. Nothing more fulfilling than crossing things off at the end of the day.

*Make Christmas puddings
*Damson and apple jam
*Mow lawn
*Tidy office (still haven't even started since May 06)!
*Clean out girls ready for winter
*Start searching for Christmas pressies
*Contact lens appointment
*Dig over and completely remodel garden
*Lose 2 stone before Christmas
*Stop making unachievable lists

There feel better now. Now, where do I start. Chocolate cake and a cuppa I think.

The sun is shining, so i'm going to chill out in the garden, read this months "practical Poultry' and listen to Laverne aka 'the singing chicken'. She has been very vocal for the past couple of days. She was always the noisiest of the 3, but recently she has started 'singing' for want of a better word. Lovely sound. Content and happy hens!

Ok, well the grass is cut and magazine read. Kitchen is tidy and Jase is on his way home. Expecting lows of 4 degrees C tonight so will build the fire for a nice evening in.

heard screaming coming from the chicken area earlier. Rushed over to find a dead field mouse in Shirley's mouth!! She was trying to eat it and run from the others. Honking as she went. Down in one. Quite horrific. At least we don't need a cat now.

Got to go as 'lookout' Babs is sitting on top on the run, waiting for their afternoon treats. Think Shirley has had enough for one day.


  1. Christian! AKA list maker.

    your blog was VVVV. Bridget Jones today.

    Tell Mr Darcey that Advent calendars arent for children! Otherwise they wouldnt make posh Adult ones!

    Hope you have a nice evening!

    Love Laura zxxxx

  2. Thanks Laura!

    I will get a calendar!

    C x

    p.s the cake you recommended was lovely!

  3. Oh you have me in hysterics Christian - I can picture your every move.


  4. I've been meaning to read your blogs and found the web address in my crew bag that was well over-due for a clean out! Glad I did they're fab especially the bit about "NICE not being nice" really and the passengers vile, haha!
    Ah, how I miss my chickens but I can live out my chicken obsession vicariously through you!
    Hope your you're well,
    Llwella xxx


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