Monday, October 15, 2007

The Borders!

Been busy for the past few days and aching too much to write. The main part of the garden borders are now finally done! YAY!

We went to a couple of garden centres and bought a few plants, but need loads more. The garden is at least taking shape now. We put an arch over the brick path and planted 2 climbing roses next to it. Should look good by next summer.

The lawn is the next huge job as it is mainly weeds. Tempted to get a mini digger, rip out the whole lot and start again, but Jase would probably take out all the fences in the process!! Patience, weed, feed and moss killer will have to do.

Was up at 4.15 this morning, first day back to work. Madrid and back. Vile passengers. Not a smile out of 174 of them. I know its early but come on. I'm stood there smiling (well kind of, more like a grimace), wiping sleep out of my eyes and they just walk past you, not saying a word. Ramming you with their oversized 'carry on' bags! Asking for help lifting them in the overhead lockers. I don't think so. My back isn't fit enough for me, let alone you!

Got home to find Jase cooking dinner. Bless him. Just packed my bags for my 3 day trip tomorrow. Off to Duesseldorf for the night, then Copenhagen overnight Wed/Thurs. Haven't been to Copenhagen for ages. Looking forward to it.
Need to do some serious Christmas shopping, so think that'll be the place.

Today is International Blog Action Day - Topic - The Environment.

If we all do our bit, maybe the world would be a better place to live in.

We recycle paper, card, magazines, plastic, tins and cans etc
Glass to bottle banks
Use our own bags when food shopping.
Energy saving light bulbs, where possible
Compost religiously (i am a bit of a compost freak)
Grow our own veg (am planning to do more in terms of quantity)!
Keep chickens (hardly an effort, they are adorable)
Cavity wall insulation installed
Loft insulation
Double glazed windows
Water butts (still need to fit more though)

A pretty good list and hardly any effort required. Shame my job has me pumping CO2 into the atmosphere but if i could pay the mortgage making jams, jellies and Christmas puds, I would do!


  1. YAY a new blog!!!!

    i posted a new one today aswell!

    Love L xxx

  2. Your garden is looking great

    Shopping in Copenhagen - wonderful, wonderful - you sing the rest

    I have put a recipe on my blog for Toffee Vodka - I thought of you and your Christmas pressies when I made itx


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