Sunday, October 28, 2007

Its Raining again.....

We went out for dinner last night to celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday. Colleys in Reading.
(See )

Lovely restaurant and fantastic food. I had the spiced sweetcorn fritters and salsa to start, followed by tomato and red pepper soup (hate peppers, but the soup was lovely), roast beef with dauphinoise potatoes and then pear and sultana crumble with ginger ice cream and Somerset brie and crackers to finally tip me over the edge. The beef was too rare for me, I know its supposed to be, but this was still mooing. Still a very enjoyable dinner. Home late and straight to bed.

Jase left for work at 6.20 this morning and the weather is pants. Need to go to Waitrose as the fridge is bare. I mean really bare. Parmesan cheese and butter is all thats in there! Oh and courgettes for the girls. Can't face going out in the driving rain but am going to have to brave it. Heating is on and will build a fire later. Need to finish the tags for the Christmas puds and will probably have Bing Crosby album on whilst being creative.

Decided to bake a Christmas cake today but need 2 small cake tins, will mix up the fruit today and get the tins tomorrow. Nigella recipe so should be easy enough.

more later........

Right, I'm back. Been to Waitrose, £84 later...........Fridge is full again! Made some sloe gin as a pressie for someone, whilst eating a bag of peanut M&Ms (yes a big bag)!
Sloe gin is sooo easy! Take a jar/bottle, put sloes in (prick each sloe with a skewer) and cover with sugar.

Then top up with gin. Seal and shake the jar to mix the sugar. I leave it in the kitchen and give it a shake every few days. Leave for as long as you can. The longer the better.

I then managed to delete all my pictures from iphoto on my laptop! My friend Darren, the Mac guru, is working on it. So far we have downloaded the pics to my ipod (don't ask me its all waaaay over my head) so they are safe for now!

I have finally finished the Christmas puddings!!!!

They are wrapped, labelled and ready to go.

I continued wrapping to the dulcet tones of Bing Crosby and Dean Martin singing the Christmas collection. The mince meat jars are also done!!! I'm nearly there!

C x


  1. They all look adorable with their little hats and labels

    Did you cut out the labels yourself or buy them and print out the label on the labels!

    All wonderfully Christmassy - great his time of year isn't it.

  2. Thanks Dilly!

    The green labels were all cut out and OH Printed off the labels (I'm a computer-phobe)!


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