Friday, October 26, 2007

Mr Moley

Hello All!

Back from my Aberdeen night stop and the crew bus was so late picking us up from the aircraft, we were too late to do the Manchester and back! So we were sent home. Shame. Hehe.
Home now and just given the girls their evening snack before bedtime. Picked some spinach for them and noticed a bloody mole hill in the middle of the raised bed!!! The whole veg garden is covered in weed suppressing membrane, so the sneaky burrowing bugger must have planned his resurface very carefully!

Fire is stacked and ready to light. Chilli and chips for dinner. No vegetables, unless chips count? Lazy dinner tonight. Lovely.

Jase is busy with my new guillotine, cutting things to size and laminating. He's happy, so will let him get on with it. I have to make the labels for the Christmas puddings and the mincemeat jars, so will be reclaiming my guillotine soon.
My friend Andrew managed to get some more fabric from Copenhagen for me, so I now have enough to make all my jam lid toppers, ready for Christmas.

The temperature is dropping rapidly now as the sun is going down. Time to crank the heating up.

Looking forward to Gardeners World tonight. Is that sad? Don't care, I like it.

Going to Annie's tomorrow to get some donkey manure for the raised beds, will take Jason's car I think. Hopefully the smell will put Mr Mole off and force him somewhere else!

I have 15 days off now and can't wait! Lots to do, as always, time for a list I think.

C x

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