Sunday, October 21, 2007

Farmers Market

Got up stupidly early this morning. Pitch black outside and freezing cold again. Made Jase a cuppa to take to work and then got ready to go out. The local farmers market is only on once a month and, with work, I'm not always around. I like to pop along if i'm off. After scraping the windscreen again (ok, i used chemicals) i sped off down the lane. Nobody was out. The roads empty. Bliss.

The market was small but had more than enough temptation, now the garden needs plants. The cake/jam/chutney stall was paid a visit too. And the hog roast stall. Lovely pork, stuffing and crackling. I did opt for the wholemeal roll just to be healthier. Hehe. I left the market with several plants, cakes, no money and a stone weight gain.
Also managed to get a couple of Christmas presents. Think i will try and get the word Christmas into every post i make before the 25th December. That'll drive you all mad! ;0)

Still haven't wrapped the puds, so will definately do that tomorrow!

Right off to bed now as i'm falling asleep writing this, you probably are too! ;0)

Speak soon

C x

Just checked the weather station in the kitchen (no, i'm not Michael Fish) and its 0 degrees C. The bloody weather forecast was wrong this evening and my plants aren't covered in fleece! Will check out the damage tomorrow! Bugger.

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