Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

Freezing cold again this morning and the fog was rolling in as i let the girls out. Another Laverne egg!! I was so excited. She is a good girl!

Managed to get loads of house work done AND bake some scones, Proper Delia I am!! The sock mountain has finally been conquered! 27 pairs all drying nicely! No wonder i was down to Christmas present socks.

Decided to finally bake the Christmas puddings today, Wish I hadn't! The first batch went in at 10am, came out at 3.30pm. Still waiting on the second batch to cook. They are larger, but will hopefully be cooked by midnight!!!!

All laid out like cookery school

All mixed up and ready to go

Little bundles of Christmas Joy!!! Hehe

'White Christmas' by Dean Martin playing in the background, the smell of mixed all spice and cinnamon lingering in the air, as the puddings steamed. Lovely!

I have been topping up the water every hour since 10am. Not feeling quite so festive now!!

Jase is finally coming home after an epic day! The fire is roaring!! Just missing the chestnuts.


  1. Oh christian you do know how to make a girl feel christmassy! how exciting!
    The sight of those christmas puddings has made my mouth water and want to raid the Mince Pies we have in the Pantry. BUT- i wont. Well, just yet anyway!

    I cant wait for christmas and today i set the task of moving things from the lounge and from seths room, into the hall way , to be put in the Loft when ross gets back from work.

    I am hoping that the tree fits in the lounge this year as seth has so many toys in here!
    Laura xxxx [santas elf ]

  2. What a perfect welcome for Jase - he must think all his Christmasses have come at once - living with you.


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