Saturday, October 20, 2007

Officially Christmas Season?

Hello All! Sorry, have been at work for a few days and finally finished yesterday after an Athens and back. The day started with a severe frost and me desperately tried to find the de-icer. Don't get me wrong, chemicals are a bad thing, but at 4.55 in the morning when i'm freezing cold, hacked off that i'm going to Athens and just want to be snuggled up under the duvet, chemicals are the only thing that gets the screen clear quickly. Driving down country lanes with a 3cm gap at the bottom of the screen is a less than ideal start to a 60 mile journey. I have enough trouble dodging rabbits and mice!

The flight was fine and much quicker than normal. The Copenhagen trip was lovely and a guy on my crew, Philip, showed me a wonderful shop that i will definately go back to!! It took me ages to get home, as the traffic was pants, but when i came through the door, the fire was roaring. Nice to be home.

Woke up early this morning and we headed straight out to get some birthday presents for people. Went into Boots and Christmas has finally arrived in the town centre! Big news, the Boots Christmas catalogue is out!!!! I was so excited as this is normally the catalyst to my festive gene going into overdrive. I really have to get organised. Starting to panic slightly now. Ridiculous I know, but my November roster came out last night and before you know it, Christmas is here biting you on the bum!
Popped in on Mum and Dad and left with several carrier bags full of plants from their garden. Just finished planting them out now.

Jase is off to work tomorrow and i need to get the house organised and tidy things up. The Christmas puddings are still sat on the dining table waiting to be wrapped. Have the cellophane, tissue paper and Festive bits, but haven't the energy to sort them out. Will do this week.

Off to feast on veggie burgers now, the chips that i thought were in the freezer have vanished so will make do with the (slightly) healthier option of onion rings!


  1. The shop is called Sostrene Grene - and is a bit like the marketplace in Ikea, or Pier One (but cheaper) - a must!


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