Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Its Taking Shape

When we moved into this house, there was a large lawned area at the back. I needed space for the chickens and a separate vegetable area. So when the fence man came, we decided to use the old willow fence to split the garden in two. When it was done, Jase was horrified, as the 'new' back garden looked really small. Having finally completed the veg garden and chicken area, it was time to do something with the rest.

Yesterday was the day.

With pick axe thingy in hand, i ploughed my way through the appauling lawn, digging out weeds and clumps of grass. Trying not to get more soil under my nails. After several 'butch' and back breaking hours, I realised i hadn't eaten (first time in years that has happended)!!

The garden before work began.

Luckily it wasn't hot yesterday and I managed to dig most of the grass out. Next was a trip to the paddock behind the house, to get some old bricks (the owner did give permission). After 3 wheel barrow loads of bricks, 4 of old grass roots and weeds, 2 blisters, several ciggies and cans of diet coke, interruption from Laverne and Shirley who both laid eggs, this was the finished design!!

The soil is fantastic, good enough to make Alan Titshmarsh weak at the knees. The small brick 'path' took ages to get right, and i need to find an arch to go over it now. Will take more pictures when it stops raining!

Sorry about the picture quality but it was dark when I finally finished! I say finished, but as you can see from the top picture, i still have to cut out and 'line' the area where the hose pipe is. Its pouring down here today, so will stay in and be creative with Christmas puddings i think. Don't think my back could take it today anyway. Hot water bottle on it as i type.

So, back to good news! Laverne laid a proper egg yesterday!! She is still moulting slightly, but looks lovely with her new beetle black feathers!! I have just been out to see them and they are not impressed with the rain. They were all huddled up in the eglu. Bless. Will give them a bowl of warming porridge later.

Jase has just left for work. 3 day trip for him, so i will see him again on Thursday night. Will hopefully get the office sorted and make the Chritmas puds whilst he is away. If my back holds out. More nurofen i think.

Speak to you all soon

C x x

My back is holding up, nothing to do with the cocktail of drugs and hot water bottle strapped to my backside!
So, i decided to start on this years Christmas pudding! As it was so successful last year, i am using the same recipe, but tweaking it from the original. It calls for the fruit to be soaked in stout for 30 mins. I soak for 24 hours and double the alcohol, but use cointreau, brandy and drambuie instead! I can't be doing with mean recipes, calling for a 'splash' of alcohol.

Gorgeous Nigella bowl!!!!

The rain has finally stopped and I could see Babs sitting on top of the run, looking over the fence. Waiting for treats. Could just imagine her saying 'he's boiling the kettle and.........yes!..........He has the blue treat bowl out........chopping courgettes now. Yay, sweetcorn too'!

Wellies on and a mad splash across the garden with treat bowls in hand.

Munching like they have never eaten before!

Shirley gets her own bowl, as she won't share!!


  1. looking gooooood!

    Laura xxx

    P.s. Ask Annie if i can live in her closet please. xxx


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